Breathing to Improve O2 and CO2 Balance.


My CO2 is always low on a CMP and I've always wondered about it. I read a long time ago that a value of less than 25 indicated anaerobic metabolism predominance. And that makes sense to me, but how to help shift it back to aerobic metabolism?

I found this article about breathing to increase CO2 and O2 from Dr Sircus's web site. He is mostly known for his work with magnesium.

It can't be a coincidence that all these ancient therapies focus on breathwork at the core. It does seem like how we breathe makes a difference to how we feel and how our bodies work.

Deep breathing should be very slow so that one accumulates more CO2 in the blood. Deep breathing means breathing less air not more. Some people actually think it is wrong to call therapeutic breathing “deep breathing. If you breathe less and accumulate CO2, the correct name is “reduced breathing,” writes Artour Rakhimov, PhD, one of the great proponents of CO2 medicine.

Of course there is a device too, designed to retrain breathing and increase oxygen levels. It's $30 on Amazon and (of course) I bought one. I will get a baseline level tomorrow and then practice for a month and report back.

This is the machine to use for your breathing retaining and it really is quite nice to blow bubbles as one increase the oxygenation of ones cells and tissues. Originally from Russia created to help asthma sufferers the Breathslim breathing device is serious medicine. Sold in the United States it is now being marketed for weight loss because it increased oxygen and metabolism to a significant enough level as to burn more fat thus helping to lose weight and keep it off.

Dave Asprey recently spoke about the importance of breathwork as well on his podcast.

Victor Maalouf

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Yeah. From my experience and what I've read, impaired breathing is one of the largest contributors to fatigue in these syndromes.

San Diego

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Interesting stuff.

When I was at my worst, I could no longer take full, deep breaths or fill my lungs. I couldn’t” complete" a yawn (if that makes sense) and it was frustrating as my body tried repeatedly. I was yawning all the time.

I had to retrain my ability to deep breathe. It actually physically hurt and took a couple of months. But the ability to yawn normally and take deep cleansing breaths again is comforting. I can’t say as I’m any better, but it can’t hurt!

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