Cancer on top of ME/CFS


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Dear Friends,
This summer I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It has been devastating.

I can't help but wonder if my having COVID19 acutely 12 times and Long COVID for a year and 3 months may have weakened my immune system in some way. Cancer does not run in my family at all.

My Long COVID symptoms finally resolved when I moved out of my apartment. It had developed a mold problem. So I was homeless and looking for a new place to live when this diagnosis happened. IIf you know me you know I am an extreme mold avoider, so that makes finding a living place challenging. I have been forced to stay in a series of hotels that bother my environmental sensitivities, because I am out of hotels that agree with me in my hometown.

First the doctors wanted me to do chemo. That didn't go very well. It made me extremely sick. The amount of chemo I could tolerate was so small that the doctor felt it wouldn't do anything to shrink the tumor. I guess it just annoyed the tumor a little bit.

Next they sent me to radiation therapy. It also makes me very sick. I have only been sleeping 2-4 hours a night on most nights, because of the hotels bothering me. I feel like my life has turned into a nightmare.

But I finally found an apartment that might work, and I am going to move in next week. I am also going to see a local alternative doctor and try to get some mistletoe shots. They supposedly improve a patient's quality of life and don't conflict with any of the conventional treatments. Maybe things will start getting better.

At this point, I still don't know if I will live or die. It is a horrible situation to be in. I really miss the days when I only had ME/CFS.

I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.


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I am really sorry to hear this. AS if you weren't dealing with enough already.

Sending tons of heartfelt hugs and compassion❤️


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Hi Forebearance, Sorry about your situation. I took a look, as I hadn't heard about such a connection, and found this article. I already knew that covid could induce a wide range of diseases but was still surprised that pancreatic cancer is actually the most common form of cancer which it can result in.


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Just sorry that I can't find any other articles connecting the dots; even tried google scholar but came up empty.


There have been a lot of reports of cancer following vaccination. <-- search for lymphoma, etc.

I suspect that Long COVID is the same but I'm not familiar with the literature.

In my opinion there's probably some overlap between chronic illnesses like ME/CFS, autoimmunity, and cancer. All have been linked to infections in the body.


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Glenn, I agree. There is usually so much overlap in these situations because of oxidative stress induced by the virus, or other causes. Understanding why the pancreas, specifically, seems to be a target for covid induced cancer stumps me though. The research detailed in this article is out of the area of my previous study.


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Oh Fore, I just checked in here to post a topic and find this terrible news...So so sorry my dear and I feel like I've known you for many years. It would be great if the Miseltoe does some good.

I do tapping and affirmations daily for myself, my daughter and I'll mention you now and never know, good energy ... jam xo

You sure have had a hard hard time with this covid stuff.

I've been talking about Grape Seed Extract or Pycnogenol for over 25 yrs and we were told it MAY prevent cancers at a lecture back in 1995 and I've taken it every day since. Saving Me??? Maybe, I hope so.
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