Cannabidiol Alleviates Anxiety.

Discussion in 'General' started by Remy, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Remy

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    More research on the benefits of CBD/cannabidiol coming out.

    Cannabidiol looks to be an inhibitor of anandamide deactivation, similar to low dose amisulpride that @Hip has written about in the past, but with much fewer side effects. Plus it's a supplement whereas amisupride is an rx...another reason to be vigilant about the DEA's attempts to regulate CBD out of availability).

    Boosting levels of anandamide looks to be helpful in PTSD and general anxiety states as well as in psychosis.

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  2. Cort

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    I shou
    l should definitely give it a try! Anything to calm as one person put it my "feverish" brain. (LOL)
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  3. Paw

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    This confused me -- but I think it's really the opposite: cannabidiol inhibits the deactivation of anandamide, right?

    Cannabis, in general, contains some of the best medicines in the world that we know of -- especially for our family of diseases. IMO.
  4. Remy

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    Yes, I think I left out a crucial word. I'll fix it, thanks! :)
  5. Upgrayedd

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    Interesting timing. I just ordered two different types of CBD in the past week, before reading your post, @Remy!

    I initially bought it to try to help my son, who suffers from anxiety. I was trying to find something natural and less addictive than the typical meds the docs put him on.

    But now I'm wondering if it can help me too. I'll let you know!
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  6. Remy

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    You might have to try a few brands too. I've bought about 5 different kinds now, because research lol, and they are all vastly different in effectiveness. One makes me feel nothing and another makes me feel super sleepy. The rest are in between. I'm still waiting on the transdermal patches to try...but I definitely wouldn't give up on CBD without trying a few if the first one isn't a hit.
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  7. Upgrayedd

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    Good advice. Thanks.

    And it's how I wound up ordering from two different places to start.

    Time will tell. Now, the waiting for deliveries...
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  8. Remy

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    Report back!
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  9. Abrin

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    As someone who also has an 'over-clocked' brain I can tell you that I found it was zero help to me when I had easy access to many different types in the past when lived by Amsterdam.

    I do know lots of people who use it to help with their anxiety who say that it really helps so who might just be my bad luck that it is useless to me.
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  10. Paw

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    Apparently the strain matters a lot -- at least when it comes to marijuana (I don't know much about CBD) -- but it sounds like you already looked into that. Nothing has been better for my neuropathy-related pains, and for sleep, than a small amount of indica before bed.