Case reports about babesia point to weakening of immune system by Celiac

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    Something interesting about spleen/celiac/infection is in the news. Irish and Spanish reports show a link between gluten induced illness and Babesia.


    Although most patients with babesiosis typically have a fever, there can also be non-specific symptoms, which can triggers delays or errors in diagnosis. Babesia divergens is considered the main agent of human babesiosis in Europe.

    A team of researchers recently reported a case of a celiac disease patient with splenic dysfunction from resulting in severe babesiosis. Their report describes a 79-year-old Irish man with hyposplenism and splenic atrophy due to adult celiac disease, who became critically ill from a severe Babesia divergens infection.



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    I didn't realize splenic function was "a thing" with celiac. It's certainly not listed in comorbidity lists. I have the fever and the spleen pain, and am probably Celiac... but is babesia easily tested for?