Supplement CBD cream - full spectrum gives vertigo- why ?


I have started using a CBD cream (Full spectrum) from a reputed manufacturer in Germany ? For the first three days I had an excellent increase in both physical and mental energy. Then I started feeling tired and am having vertigo for the past three days. I had this vertigo as part of my original set of symptoms before an antidepressant helped in relieving it. I want to know whether CBD cream can cause vertigo ? I have cut back on the dosage by half. The difficulty is in determining the dosage since I have to apply it by my finger tip. Did anybody else have such an experience ?


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Are you still having as issue? Do you have an MTHFR genetic mutation?

People with ME/CFS and Chronic Lyme often have this. It makes them more sensitive to medications, herbs, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals in foods and in the environment.

Seeking Health & Dr. Ben Linch have very helpful information on the website.

I have A1298 and it answered questions for me! I also detox and use FARinfrared sauna.

I use CBD oil by mouth in small amounts, but I tried going off of it because of the expense and I really felt bad. I use it daily. Judy Mikovits recommends it to help the endocannabinoid pathways. Apparently when we have ME, we have issues there.

Could you also be reacting badly to any other ingredients in the cream? Maybe try a different brand? I have tried 4 brands and I can't say they all work the same.

I am dizzy a lot, that is no fun! I am frequently holding up a wall somewhere! Take care.

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I have strange responses to CBD oil also, and I also have a full spectrum, but it's not a cream. In my case, if I take it internally it can cause an anxiety effect. I use a few drops on my hands and wrists and it works fine that way. I also add it to foot cream and it tends to help my feet feel less numb and aching. I'm celiac and extremely sensitive to gluten, so if it's produced with contamination, possibly, then it could be the trace gluten in it causing anxiety.


I tried CBD oil full spectrum (just one drop) and the next day I had sever ibs symptoms ! I think mg wise it was large. I got scared and gave it up. LOL.


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I only had a few side effects at the beginning of taking CBD oil. Later I realized that I had exceeded the allowed dosage. I suffer from pain due to arthritis like my father and we started taking medication together. CBD helps us better than pharmaceutical drugs. I used to just smoke cannabis to relieve pain and stress, but it also had a heady effect that I didn't need, and here on I first learned about CBD which doesn't have this effect but relieves pain. I am very glad that there is such medicine in the free market.
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