CFS for over a year, went away, came back

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    It started july of last year with twitching around my ear, then spread throughout my body.
    I also had debilitating fatigue, and developed seeing weird things in my vision that aren't floaters, sometimes dark spots, sometimes a flash, happens sometimes when moving eyes and sometimes holding them steady
    I tested negative for Lyme and went to a neurologist where he basically gave me a field sobriety type test and said I don't have ALS and probably don't have MS (at least not to the point where he could diagnose me)

    The beginning of august I started taking some B12 vitamins, B complex, folic acid, gamma e and zinc (fredds protocol) and I thought that solved it, but I also went to eating once per day and after a couple days I was 99% twitch free and had energy

    A couple weeks ago or so I started eating twice per day and thanks to hurricane Irma starting friday I started having bad sleep (I'm in South Florida) I got the first decent night of sleep a couple nights ago, but still am not sleeping great due to pain (back and sternum) and inflammation, not to mention frequent nocturnal urination which went away for a month or so but came back a little over a week ago

    Doctors tested my blood and said it was all in my head

    I know there has to be an explanation, I'm leaning towards digestive issues as I believe the intermittent fasting gave my intestines time to rest (oh btw I have gall bladder stones, in which if I don't take bile acids after a fatty meal I will have a gall bladder attack, had a small one friday the 8th, because I didn't think I needed the pills, but some apple cider vinegar made it go away and I was back to sleep in under 2 hours)

    I'm 37 and have never had health issues in the past, Blood Pressure 120/70 cholesterol good too, thank you

    Please if you have any insight as to what is causing this, I would greatly appreciate it, I have spent thousands on supplements and have done a lot of research, but I haven't found anyone that has also had the visual things along with the CFS and twitching. And I haven't found anyone that had it go away and come back.
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    My thirty-three-year-old son, who has been ill for a year has had a lot of trouble with twitching. He hasn't mentioned any problem with his eyes. Like you, he was tested for Lyme and MS. An infectious disease doctor and a primary care physician have speculated that he has chronic fatigue syndrome, but he's reluctant to accept that diagnosis.

    When you say "I haven't found anyone that had it go away," what does "it" refer to? Edit: Oh, I see from the thread title that you must mean that CFS went away and came back. Waxing and waning symptoms are common, and people think they are recovered and then feel ill again.

    I have had for the last two and half years a floater and also flashes of light. In earlier decades of illness I have had other floaters that eventually went away. A long time ago I saw a list of visual disturbances reported by people with CFS. If I find that list or similar information, I will get back to you with it.

    I'm sorry to hear that Hurricane Irma hit where you live. Please take care.
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    Fasting can really help some people. Don't do it for too long but intermittent fasts give your body a chance to rest and put it in a more ketogenic state.

    Dr Cheney used to say that if only people with ME/CFS didn't have to eat they would feel so much better (lol)

    Check out this blog on Health Rising - Dr. Craig on Fasting For Better Health in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    The gut seems like a good connection. Check out what you added to your diet as you started eating more. Is there something that could be effecting you?

    On the other hand, I got ME/CFS then felt I recovered and then it hit me again and stuck. I don't think that's that uncommon...Some people get sick get better and then get hit again, often harder. Whatever process that got started continued.

    Hopefully, that's not you!

    Many people also have MS-like symptoms but don't meet the criteria for MS....