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Just got this in the email. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet. They ssaid


Just wanted to let you know that there is an article about a new free video game regarding CFS that has been created. The article is titled “Experience what it's like to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome in this free video game 'Robin'”. It can be found at:

I think a video game could really help open people's eyes about the illness. I have not played it yet (don't have a PC), but wanted to let you know so you could post the article on your site if you think it is an important development.
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This is not related to this game, I do not really play games but there is one that I do like. It is free which helps. It is quite an old game which was release by microsoft in 2003 called Freelancer. It is a space game with trading, space battles, missions, buying and upgrading ships with various equipment. It's space so the screen is dark. There is some flashing on the jump gates which might bother some but looking away from the screen is a simple solution to that.

Because it is such an old game it can be played on even very basic PC's even with integrated graphics which gets respectable frame rates. The game was abandoned by microsoft and is now regularly updated and improved by a group of people and it is now called Discovery Freelancer. There is both a single player and a multiplayer online game where you can join groups in order to help each other in the game. It is a bit like the old game called Elite but with better graphics and multiplayer gaming.
Discovery Freelancer
Original Freelancer which is required to install the game

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Just got this in the email. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet. They ssaid

I played a few rounds and it reminds me why I don't have a pet. However, if you don't do the dishes you'll get to have cockroaches as pets. They should have included that.

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