Dr. Amy's Simplified Road Map to Health

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Dr. Amy's Simplified Road Map to Health

What is the difference between this SIMPLIFIED road map and the MPA?

The MPA (Methylation Pathway Analysis)is a more detailed explanation of each of the SNPS on Dr. Yasko
‟s Methylation SNP panel, and is designed for a more comprehensive commitment to the
program. Dr. Amy has found that there are some individuals who do not have the time to approach the program and fully customize it. Thus the SIMPLIFIED road map still takes into account the nutrigenomic profile and SNPs but does so in a more streamlined fashion. It has fewer intricacies and caveats so that it is easier to comply with the program, although you lose some of the customization in choosing a more streamlined approach. The SIMPLIFIED road map should still enable you to get a sense of supplement choices to bypass SNPs that were identified by any test.

Since some individuals may be following this SIMPLIFIED road map that have run other SNP tests, please be aware that Dr. Yasko cannot be held responsible for results from other SNP tests. It is up to the user to take responsibility for results of any SNP test that are used to make supplement determinations. As always you do want to work with and defer to your doctor for any supplement program. Please review the disclaimer below. In following the suggestions in this SIMPLIFIED road map you agree to the terms of the disclaimer

I look forward to helping as many of you as possible on your personal road map to health!! With love and hope, Dr. Amy

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@Who Me?, can you clarify in your post above what parts are quotations from Dr Amy's website and what parts are your comments about it?
Just in case you haven't found it here yet, the quote feature works by highlighting the quotation and clicking on the speech bubble button next to the smilies button. :)

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None are my comments. All directly copied from her site.

I'll try to figure Out quotes later. I have problems highlighting on forums

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