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Hi all, I am new to posting in this forum but have been reading along for a few years since becoming sick. I am wondering if anyone has done Dr. Daniel Dantini’s allergy testing and if it has helped them in any way (especially digestive issues). My concern is spending the money when the research I’ve seen says allergy tests are mostly unreliable. Is his testing any different than any other delayed food sensitivity test? (He says it’s patented). I am desperate for some help for my stomach issues. Thanks!


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I don't know anything about that doctor, but I did suffer from type IV delayed food sensitivity in the early stage of my ME. I don't know whether the sensitivity was due to ME, or the ME was due to the sensitivity. I was unable to find an allergist or immunologist who could do any reliable testing for type IV sensitivity. I did encounter one quack who insisted that his skin test would work ... despite it measuring immediate histamine reaction when my type IV reaction had a consistent 48 hr delay and didn't involve histamine response. No, I chose not to pay $200 for his "of course it will work" test.

If Dr. Dantini won't explain why his test works on delayed sensitivity, or that the test will provides results in less than your normal delay time, I recommend saving your money. I do understand the desperation, but fake tests won't help.

You didn't say whether your sensitivity is type IV. What is your delay time, and is it consistent? Mine was a precise and consistent 48 hrs (+/- just a few minutes).

A rotation diet did stop the reactions. I think I used a 5-day rotation, and that avoided the reaction unless I made a mistake and ate a food from the same family too early. Weird effect: it also abruptly changed my delay to a precise and consistent 17.5 hrs, which doesn't fit the normal description of type IV (48-72 hr delay).

I did manage to cure my food sensitivity ... accidentally. I made some curry with coconut milk that turned out to have spoiled. That flushed out my digestive tract quite well. That was the end of my type IV sensitivity. My guess is that I had some microbe in my gut that survived antibiotics, but the food poisoning managed to remove enough that the good microbes could finish it off. I'm not recommending this as a (risky and very messy) treatment for type IV sensitivity, but it might help you to know that it is at least possible to cure it, and that it might have a microbial cause.


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Both my son and I saw Dantini.
He is awful.
While simple breath testing is available for fructose and dairy sensitivity , I recommend doing the FODMAP elimination diet to figure out other sensitivities and to feel better. I don’t think the current food sensitivity testing is reliable. Let your body tell you instead


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Thank you so much for the replies. Creekside, I don’t know what kind of food sensitivities I have, but currently I am limited to a couple of foods and even then I still get horrible stomach pains at times. I am currently looking into SIBO and gastroparesis as possibilities as well, but will try the rotation diet to see if that helps.

Pam, thanks so much for the heads up, as I have been considering seeing Dr. Dantini, but to do so I would have to fly there, so it’s going to be very expensive. I originally saw he does viral testing/treating with antivirals as well, which is also why I was considering him. I will try to do a more thorough elimination diet and hopefully I can find a better doctor who may be able to give me more functional testing like gut microbiome, etc. than my current GP.


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Let your body tell you instead

That's my feeling too. Last time I checked, scratch tests were ~50% correct, so you might as well save money and flip a coin for each allergen. If a food makes you feel worse, it doesn't matter what a clinical test says, or precisely why it makes you feel worse (allergy, microbiome alteration, etc), just avoid the food. If you really want to know why it's doing it, that's a different goal, and probably not a standard request for a doctor.

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