Dr. Teitelbaum on Maximizing Use of Sleep Drugs

Resource Dr. Teitelbaum on Maximizing Use of Sleep Drugs


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I still think that psychological factors are still important in dealing with that vicious cycle. There is generally a lot of anger, fear and other negative emotions, especially in severe CFS, and dealing with those seems to be helpful in recovering.
let's agree to disagree then. it seems like we have a completely different ME experience. I'm always glad to hear someone recovers though, good for you.


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I still maintain that you can sleep without sleep aids, and that is by far the best (and in fact *only*) long-term solution.
gradually increasing positive activities.

It would be far more respectful if you share your experiences as something that helped you, instead of assuming it's The Cure. Bobby stated it well:

I'm glad you've found something that works for you, but I hope you realize there are people who are physically trapped in a vicious cycle they can't get out of. If sleep or pain medication is a way to get them to a comfortable place, I am all for it. We suffer enough as it is! :(

My sleep issues almost ceased when I got enough B12 into my system. I've never been able to increase my activities, sun is actually a stressor for me these days. No amount of working on stressful elements in my life helped, until I had enough B12 and for the first time in my life had no sleep issues.


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@Veet that is an interesting observation about B12. I had sleep issues at the beginning, but years later I do not.

I haven't been able to zero in on what made things shift, but B12 would make sense. I had been severely depleted back then, and now I am not. In fact a recent blood test even shows B12 to be slightly high! (After supplementing, trying different types, for YEARS!)

I also take ZenMind (which is GABA) at night. I sleep hard almost every night. Never wake refreshed - but I sleep like I'm comatose!


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Taking melatonin never helped me. Other things helped me a bit. But the B12 gave me something I'd never had: reliably lying down and going to sleep within 15 minutes, staying asleep, and returning to sleep quickly if awoken. Such a luxury.

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