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I have been researching fasting. Intermittant fasting. The claims indicate it forces the cells to work better as they were intended. Cleanses them, stimulates them, forces them to stimulate hormones such as HGH and insulin. Clears brain cells, and even mentions mitochondria. So I am wondering has there been any ME/CFS research on fasting? It has been around for millenia. I don't think our ancient ancestors sat down to 3 squares and 2 or 3 snacks a day. They also did not eat processed foods which I know is key to all health.
I am trying it, hopefully to satisfy some questions. Since I do not have much appetite anyway, and can only eat small amounts of anything I am possibly in a semi-state of fasting as it is. I actually forget to eat. Eating regularly (Healthy) has not helped my condition as it is and when I miss a meal or two I don't physically suffer any side effects. I do still gain weight. I ended a 20 hr fast yesterday at 7 p.m. then had a small balanced normal meal. I am going for 36 hrs on Monday-Tuesday. I drink water and possibly herbal chamomile tea - I grow my own. I imagine I am going to keep it up for a while - 6 weeks - for a fair trial.

PS - I am unable to exercise. A walk around the yard with my dog a couple of times a day is about it. By the end of every day I am totally wiped out.


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My guess is those claims are made in search of profits, somehow (treatment plans, talks, articles, etc). It's easy enough to take a few minor scientific findings well out of context and make it seem like a magic healing process (to be milked for money).

My ME started with a type IV food sensitivity to most foods. I tried fasting for five days. Unpleasant, and I didn't notice any significant benefits from it. My guess is that the chance of it providing someone with ME a benefit is slightly greater than the chance of it causing a worsening of ME, so I wouldn't recommend against trying it. I'm all in favour of experimentation.

As for weight control, fasting puts the body into famine mode, which reduces weight loss.

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