Feel Like Run Over By Mack Truck

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    I was given the FM dx in 1999 but never have totally believed it. I got my thyroid supported and have been taking nutritional supplements for years...worked for adrenal supports but not now.

    When I was told I had FM I was 61 give or take. Finally got thyroid supported when I was 63 after 10 long struggling years of hearing "you are fine"....it was a sluggish thyroid for 10 long hard years.

    I felt like I was run over by a Mack back then when I wake up after a night's sleep and here I am at 81 soon and for sure the Mack feeling is with me. I sleep good, worked up a sleep combo that works and I also deal with osteoarthritis.

    Wonder if I really have this FM "stuff".. is it real? Wonder if I need to work with adrenals now again.

    Anyone relate to this "run over by a Mack".....j
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    Yeah this is a good description. I also am still skeptical and can't fully embrace the FM label. I actually warmed up to it when I saw here on this forum that people saw a similarity between FM and ME/CFS. Until then, I was like, nah, can't be true.

    I still think I'm missing a lot of the pieces. And that modern medicine isn't bothering to look for them. I agree with Cort that we need more dedicated supporters who are famous enough to be heard. I had high hopes for the Unrest movie, but it seems to have not had a large enough effect. At least, i still have to explain it to everyone.

    For me, antihistamines will give me this hangover/run-over-by-truck effect. Antihistamines are very contraindicated for the elderly because they oppose the formation of acetylcholine and can literally put an elderly person in a temporary dementia status if they are sensitive to them.

    I find them useful for stopping a migraine, but if I have a migraine, then the hangover effect is going to be the least of my worries. And when I say hangover, I mean, feeling like I slammed 12 drinks, and woke up the next day without drinking any water. Ouch.

    Interestingly, low dose seroquel is effective for sleep because it acts as an antihistamine, not an antipsychotic. So people think they're having one effect, and they're getting another. It's often given if normal sleep drugs don't work. So if the desired end result is sleep, nobody cares. Until you give it to an elderly person sensitive to dementia from antihistamines. Then it's a problem.

    That was a long way of saying, do you take antihistamines? Because that might be it.

    Other ideas:

    Do you use a CPAP for sleep? If not, can you use one for a day and see if it helps? I need one and I can't get it by prescription because I always am JUST above the cutoff. So I bought one on ebay and figured out how to use it. Perhaps simpler and cheaper would be an oxygen concentrator from amazon.com. But that won't help if you snore or you stop breathing, or shallow breathe. I shallow breathe and need the CPAP to improve it a bit.

    Have you been tested for Celiac disease recently? As a person ages, their chances of triggering the genes increases. More than a third of people diagnosed with it are in the last 10 years of their life. Other food allergies are also more common as a person ages. Look at the "big 8" food allergens and consider if you might be allergic to any of them.

    It's spring, do you usually feel allergic to pollen? Or mold? They're both active right now.

    For me, I feel unwell if I don't have greens in my food every day. I don't even list them as "vegetables" anymore. I count them as greens separately. Are you getting your greens (cooked from frozen is ok)?

    All I can think of at the moment. I hope you feel better soon!
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    Some brief comments: For starters modern medicine does NOT want to find cures, they need people to be sick so people need to go to them and take their drugs. I believe this for sure. There are so many dread diseases and no cures any of them....we have to do our own work and thank goodness for the Dr. Google practice.

    No CPAP, I sleep good and even better in the last weeks and I think due to HGH homeopathic gel I'm using now in my 8th week I believe. I've feeling subtle changes and my sleep was pretty good as I worked for a long time to get my sleep combo which I have posted here...but the HGH is doing something more.

    I was so much better before hip replacement in 2010 and the complications I'm left with have made my body more like a Mack truck invasion.

    More later.
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    I had this feeling of (my chest) being run over by a truck every morning for several years. Part of it was that apparently I did breathe (a lot) more while sleeping then when being awake. As the night passed on, I started breathing more and more heavily. Often I ended up "breathing like a horse" at the worst hours of my nights. As an ME person, that is very exhausting hence the very painful chest muscles. Part of what did the improvement for me was over a year of "learning to breathe well and efficient" therapy.

    The chest muscle cramps that came on top of it (not specific for nights) seem to come with eating the wrong stuff and triggering one of my many food intollerances.

    As with most things in ME/FM, plenty of different causes can result in similar symptoms.
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    My chest is just fine, it's my body and as I've said it's OA and the cwap complications from hip replacement.

    Grape Seed Extract keep my lungs and chest and MOST of my health good. Been taking it about 24 yrs...years before hip surgery and this FM label. I'm not sick just my muscles and joints and I deal with probably both the FM stuff and I know arthritis.