Five Rules of the Leptin Diet

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I totally forgot I have an immersion blender.! I think it came with a cup.
bur that still requires washing.
@Who Me? Just squirt a little soap and water into the cup and shake using a plunging action with the blender piece and rinse. Takes 10 seconds! Ready for the next day! I don't use ice in my smoothies it can be rough on an immersion blender...


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One of the symptoms that plagued me when I first got sick was constant hunger. I was hungry even after I ate. I would get weak and shaky and dizzy by lunch time. And I'm not a big guy, but I ate a lot - I was convinced I had a parasite or something worse.

The turning point for me was switching to a very low carbohydrate diet. I know you've all heard it before, but I think it's true. When you eat enough fat and protein, you are full for longer. And when you don't survive from sugar high to sugar high, you stop craving food all of the time.

It is not an easy transition for some people, and it takes time. But I can honestly say that I rarely feel so hungry that I'm going to pass out anymore. I try to eat three meals a day, but I usually do snack after dinner, either cheese or very very dark chocolate.

I guess my leptin is working again.


My naturopath at the CCDP (Complex Chronic Disease program) has given me a target of 80 grams of protein a day. Breakfast is the most important on a cascading scale so I take rice protein, lactose free yoghurt, banana and blueberries in a nutri-bullet. Washes out super easy and I have 25-30 grams right off. I get the not chewing aspect so I then do GF toast mid morning with peanut butter. If you calculate your protein grams, it is next to impossible to eat 80 grams so a blend of food/shakes is the only way. I'll do it if it's going to help ~


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in case you remember the night before... have you tried chia pudding? Just put chiaseeds and whatever (nut)milk and other stuff you like in a big glass. Let sit overnight and in the morning it's gelled together as pudding. It can be pretty rich in protein, depending on what you put in it.

I have to admit though, I don't love the taste of that stuff. It's pretty bland, unless you add sweetener which I try to avoid. But no washing of utensils, only a glass. And lots of protein. :penguin:
Here's another Chia recipe list and chia information list which is quite comprehensive :)

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