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Back in 1995 I found Pycnogenol and then after taking it a year, found grape SEED extract was just as good and less money. Immediately after on Pyc, I was able to throw away sinus/allergy drugs and never see an allergy doc again. None of these helped my allergy mess.

Then in 1999 I was told by an endo that my thyroid was FINE, just touching around it, but said you have FM. After 10 yrs of struggling I finally got on Armour by a D.O. I saw for my back issues.

I have not had a cold, sore throat or headache in 22 yrs. And I truly believe other areas of my body benefit as well, eyes, gums, memory, and Grape Seed Ex has anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal properties.
It is said to clean the blood and hence work on our circulation.

I was close to a drug anti viral years ago but cost for me was prohibitive, so I know now it was a good thing I didn't get on the drug.

Anyway, this is my Immune Support story and can't imagine NOT taking my daily Grape SEED extract.

I believe there are many degrees of this FM syndrome and I've never been "sick" with what I deal with in this body.

OA is my worst enemy, another story. Take care and keep the healing going.

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