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European Unions's General Data Protection Regulations

[fright]EU27-2007_European_Union.jpg [/fright]Health Rising fully complies with the EU's General Data Protection Regulations that went to effect on May 25th, 2018 regarding your personal data. Essentially nothing has changed. Health Rising has never sold, rented or shared your personal information.

For the first time, however, in compliance with the new EU regulations Health Rising's new Privacy Page spells out in detail what kinds of information Health Rising collects and how we use it. You can find that page here. With regards to the Forums specifically.....

Forum Members

Xenforo - the Forum program we use - has added several features to help us comply with the new European regs. For a succinct overview of our privacy policy click here.

Health Rising uses cookies to help with passwords, log-on's and to help us understand which pages get the most traffic, which kinds of devices are being used (smartphones, tablets, etc.), which browsers are being used, how long our visitors stay on a page, etc. They play an helpful but you can turn cookies off if you wish. Find out more about the kinds of data cookies collect and how to turn them off.

Health Rising receives email and IP addresses of all Forum members. It also collects any other information that a Forum member wishes to provide vis a vis their illness, age, birth date, treatments. That information is publicly available. If you don’t want that information to be public please go to your account and remove it.

Health Rising uses email and IP addresses to assess to the suitability of prospective Forum members and to contact Forum members regarding posts. We may also contact Forums members regarding changes to the Forums and opportunities to participate in other Health Rising activities. Forum members have the ability to opt out of any emails from Health Rising.
Forum members can easily change their name and any other personal information if they wish. If any member has a problem doing that please contact Health Rising.

Forum posts can and will be deleted by Health Rising if Forum members provide evidence that a post contains information that may be personally linked back to them. Otherwise Forum posts will not be deleted. The Forums are being updated to bring allow members to easier delete themselves or change their names, to create a Forum privacy policy, to make explicit the use of cookies, and to allow users to opt out from newsletters.

Health Rising seeks to strike a balance between allowing the information found on the Forums to be available to others and personal privacy concerns. To that end, the posts on Health Rising's Forums with the exception of the Forums in the Community section are searchable by Google and other search engines and viewable either to the public or to registered users. The more personal information in the Forums in the Community Section is available only to registered users and is not included in Google's search engines.
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