Help from FIR Sauna?

Discussion in 'Treatment' started by Farmgirl, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Farmgirl

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    I would like to hear from others:
    1. Do you use a FIR (Far Infra Red) Sauna regularly?
    2. If yes, how many days a week?
    3. How many minutes a session/on what temp?
    4. Bad reactions? Good changes in health? Trouble sweating? Sore lymph glands afterward? Dizzy/low BP result from high heat?
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  2. Remy

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    I have a Clearlight sauna that I use 3-4x week. I’ve had it for about two years now. I started at just a few minutes, 5-10, at 90-100 degrees but now I crank it up and sweat as much as possible for 30-40 min at 125 or so.

    I don’t get dizzy from the heat typically but if I’m not feeling well, I stop it. I also use a silver camping blanket to help get sweat going especially in the winter. Occasionally I will crave salt afterwards and I always drink water.

    I really like it. I think it was a good investment as I plan on using it for a long time.
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  3. Farmgirl

    Farmgirl Well-Known Member

    Remy, that is all good advice!

    We bought one in a hurry and i follow instructions, but it is nice to hear from others, like you, with ME what their limits are. I do too FIR sauna sessions last week and I seem worse because of it. BUT my glands under my arms all ache afterward, so I think it is doing something.

    I feel like the sauna is just one of those treatments that help, but temporarily cause a set back??

    It is good to have it. My husband hauled out our bathtub just so we could fit it in our bathroom.
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  4. Not dead yet!

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    When I was healthier, I was a spa denizen. So now that my prospects of going to one are practically nil, I'm doing some research into some of the services at home, especially the body temperature things. I used to do a circuit... sauna, cold shower, hot tub, cold swim, sauna, cold shower... repeat until bored.. take a hot shower, wash chlorine off, get dressed, have a gourmet dinner, go home, get a seriously awesome night's sleep. Most spa's have a daily rate which is around $100, so this wasn't a huge expenditure if I did it once every two months. But I admit I often got a massage too, so that made it around $200, plus the cost of dinner.

    I think I mourn the loss of that only slightly less than the loss of being able to go hiking.

    I'm careful not to overreach financially now that I"m not able to earn much, so I"m thinking of installing something like this in one of the powder rooms in my house and using it as a FIR Sauna: I think I'll have to remove the fixtures or I'll get fungus overgrowth, but it might work out to a few hundred dollars that way, and not several thousand.

    I have definitely used a traditional sauna to wonderful effect when I was strong enough to go out to one. It often "reset" my sense of stress and helped me recover from a slide into fatigue. Sometimes I think we build our houses wrong. How hard is it to build one of these into every house? Some years ago, you could find apartments and homes, even hotel rooms, with built in heat lamps. Standalone houses had "whole house fans" installed so you could vent the house and in 15 minutes you had fresh air in. Now they're gone. We're devolving into a less civilized state.
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