Contest Help National ME/FM Action Network Win $2000


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Vote daily through the end of August:

This is a Canadian organization and a Canadian company, Karma Wellness Water, holding the contest, but anyone in the world can vote. You don't have to register. Simply click the vote button of any of the people who already registered to support the organization.

If I read the list of charities in the contest correctly this morning, the National ME/FM Action Network is way ahead. I believe that the top ten will each receive $2000.

Join the ME (ME/CFS) Fundraising group on Facebook ( ) and ask about joining an event to get a daily reminder to vote in this contest.


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Because some people remained confused about whether or not registration is required to vote (it isn't), Facebook ME (ME/CFS) Fundraising group administrator Helen posted a link that takes you directly to her registration where everyone can cast a daily vote.

But votes cast at any of the other names of people who registered for National ME FM Network count, too.

The vote seems to be on an exact 24 hour counter, so if you vote, and get the message (when you scroll up) that you've already voted today, wait a little and try again. If you make a note of the exact time you vote, that will help for the next day's vote. (I should take my own advice. I have a terrible time remembering from day to day at what minute I should vote.)


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The National ME/FM Action Network is now in first place. Thanks, everyone. Just a little over two more months to go. Keep voting! The $2000 will fund research.

Other, smaller Canadian ME/FM organizations have joined the contest and have a chance of winning also. The top 20 organizations in the contest will get $2000 each. You can see the list of organizations in the contest and the vote counts here:

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