HGH Therapy and FM/CFS

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    My daughter and I are getting some pretty significant results from the HGH transdermal getl (homeopathic) we have been using for 9 and 6 months respectively. My daughter's recent reversal is 18 yrs of Anemia. A story all by itself. The "gel" runs us about $4 a day but our benefits are worth it for our improved health. She is 55 and I'm 81 soon. I've also been told I have the FM syndrome but always wondered...I do deal with major bodywide OA.

    IMPROVED SLEEP is the First thing Everyone talks about who are using the "gel". I have worked on my sleep for years and thought I was doing pretty good and NOW even better with the "gel".

    I found this info from Kent Holtorf and they talk about the Lack of Sleep so many with the FM/CFS live with.



    Keep in mind this "gel" is homeopathic and NO side effects are reported.. We are not body builders but working on restoring our health. The company that formulated the product talks about subtle to significant results within a 6 month period. I felt my first shift at the first month.

    Let me know if you want to know more about the product and how to buy it.
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    I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get my appointment with an endocrinologist to get necessary paperwork for help with cost of HGH genotropin... I have a high level of someone who is 108! I took it before and had some help and am impatient to try again...any little bit of energy would be WONDERFUL!!!
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    I know the injections are VERY pricey and I was offered them 20 yrs ago by an MD and would not do them. The "gel" is working in many ways for both my daughter and I and as I said comes out to about $4/day, one pump type bottle gives about 6-8 weeks of use.

    HGH in general is NOT cheap. Even those that are full of amino acids are the same price as the "gel".

    The gel contains Somatropin 30X and a couple other homeopathics and a blend of botanical herbals.

    And as I said SLEEP is the first thing people are appreciating. Sleep and HGH go hand in hand for damage to our bodies.
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    Thanks for the reply..the cost is too much for sure!!!
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    Where is the link to Buy this Please, I am in the UK presently so can it be bought online somewhere close by, thanks for a response back
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    Unfortunately, the company does NOT ship outside the U.S. yet. It's a fairly young company and lots to do. If you can have someone buy in the U.S. for you and get it to you that would be good, but don't know how that could work re: customs etc. The product is produced in Northern California.
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    ok thanks
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    Your profile reads you are 104, is that really true?
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    Actually 107 LOL heeeee I think also Profiles are info gathering centers I do not trust Social sites at all especially dates of Births etc
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    The more I've been researching the value of HGH and for sure as we age, I'm convinced if we all had our levels optimal with the aging we go thru, we would be so much healthier overall and so so improved well being.

    I have a good friend who has struggled with CFS for decades and finally found a doctor who included the hormone test IGF-1 in the labs he's just done for her.

    This is one smart doctor and she paid out of pocket to see him. Too too bad so many struggle and not getting support for their Growth Hormone issue.

    Give it some deep thought folks.

    PS: Kent Holtorf here in So. Cal does a lot of work with this hormone with his FM/CFS patients.
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    I have been on genotropin in the past, and when my endocrinologist passed away I could not find another locally who would prescribe it....I had to go to a hospital 5 hours away to get the insulin resistance test, and the only thing my husband remembers is that it a almost killed me...that test can be very harmful to people like me/us, and I am now waiting for a new endocrinologist appointment....My pcp told me she would more than likely be open to prescribing it....My last blood test of my human growth hormone level put my levels at that of someone 108.....I think I can get back to being enrolled in the program that the company who makes the med has for people who can't afford it.... It is around $4000. a month American dollars...I know this is an important hormone, and it does affect other things in our bodies....no wonder I have no energy.....how many 108 year olds do very much...I am impatiently awaiting my endocrinologist appointment and hopefully the paperwork to be able to get genotropin!
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    What I use and doing nicely on is a homeopathic transdermal gel rubbed into thin skin veins on our body.

    No script and affordable and no side effects.

    I'm 81 and it's helping me with all the aches and pains of aging that we end up with.

    The main homeopathic ingredients are:

    Glandula Supraenalis Suis 6X
    Thyroidinum 8X
    Somatropin 30X

    And a mix of botanicals added to the above.

    The developer of the product put it all together over 17 yrs ago and it's now coming nationwide.
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