Poll How long did it take you to get a diagnosis?

How long did it take you to obtain a solid diagnosis for cfs/me or fm?

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If you have both fm and me/cfs please post specifics.

Please consider the start of seeking a diagnosis as the first time you saw a doctor for your symptoms, not just the onset of the symptoms.


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I had symptoms from a young age for fibro, impossible to tell when exactly they began. I started seeing my rheumatologist and within a year or two had a diagnosis of fibro.

Me/cfs (or other mysterious post viral fatigue and malaise) wise my symptoms started in september 2015 and I still have no diagnosis for what it could be.


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I had symptoms of fibromyalgia from a young age as well, 20 years old. I didn't know that that was what I had though. Did they call it fibromyalgia back in the 80's, I should find out. By 30 years old my mild ME onset began but I wouldn't say the cognitive symptoms were mild though. I was unable to study from this point. Then I spiraled from there to a severe onset which was about 7 years after mild onset and I was diagnosed 10 months later from severe onset.

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I was in the right place at the right time and got to a now defunct place and was diagnosed with CFS within 9 months.

But no treatments back then except gamma globulin which was hard to get because if the gulf war so it made no difference.


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My GP diagnosed CFS/FM after 4 years of intermittent testing. I think he got tired of me coming back insisting that he find out what's wrong, so he went for the closest wastebasket diagnosis her could find. I think he was going to try for a psych diagnosis, but didn't have the nerve when I gave him my death glare. :p To be fair, he was a nice guy and trying to help.

Luckily he was right about the ME/CFS, so I got to a specialist within a year of the original diagnosis. The specialist confirmed the diagnosis.

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