Hummingbird vs ICES vs PEMF

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    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase and try one device (for now) with my little budget, around $400. Brief history: 47 yr old female, was very healthy + athletic until several years ago when I became quickly disabled by severe ME/CFS. I have oodles of symptoms of course but the biggest hurdles are a) crippling fatigue, b) brain fog, c) severe body wide pain + neck/head pain. I assume they are all connected and no device will fix what's broken at the core but am hoping something can provide even slight improvement of symptoms (esp fatigue) beyond the supplements, meds and diet because this ship is sinking fast.

    I've been eyeballing the ICES A9a device (still trying to figure out the difference between all the units Micro-pulse sells, I'm totally confused), the Oska Pulse (of which I've heard mediocre reviews) and the Hummingbird by Vital Motion. (is it ok to link to products??)

    I understand the Hummingbird is not a PEMF device but with sedentary life, poor circulation and challenged lymph it is of interest to me. I know this is kind of comparing apples to oranges.

    Does anyone have experience with these devices? Any input, advice, thoughts are greatly appreciated as it's becoming more difficult to research/learn and make decisions. In the past I was a quick researcher and could hunt down and find the perfect widget whenever I needed to. Now though I need help from my friends :)
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    Hi maui_girl,

    I have the Micro-Pulse M1 model. My reasoning for purchasing at the time was to stimulate the vagus nerve, after reading that vagus nerve dysfunction could be partially responsible for ME/CFS. However, that was a while ago, and now I tend to use it for more concentrated pain, e.g., pelvic, sciatica, migraine, and see small but significant improvements when used daily for a couple of hours. It's tiny and easy to wear. The pulsations can be somewhat calming as well. The functionality is simple and very user-friendly, and it includes everything you need, including back up nodes and an extra battery. The M1 was attractive because of its size and the ability to choose different protocols (the configuration of the PEMF, or "pulses") and intensity. However, I haven't done a lot of research on the advantages of the different protocols, so I usually use the default. I've only ever used the M1, so I don't actually know how the efficacy compares to other models or brands. The customer service is excellent - they were knowledgeable and responded quickly to the many questions I asked before ordering.

    If you decide on any of the Micro-Pulse options, I found a couple of coupon codes from the self hacked site:
    For the A9 and M1 models, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50
    For the C5 and B5 Models, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

    Their customer service team might offer a better discount since the A9 and M1 have been out for a while.

    I was also great at researching in my "past" life, and it took forever to decide on a model, or if I should order one at all. I've since seen several youtube videos and tutorials for Micro-Pulse models you might want to take a look at to help with your decision.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would probably make the same decision. It's in no way a catch-all fix or a life changer for me, but it seems to help reduce some of the pain with consistent use.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks so much @S.A. I did go ahead and order the Hummingbird (it's got a 60-day guarantee and that will be a good trial run) so I can work on circulation and my feet for now. I really appreciate your thorough info about the Micro-pulse units (and the coupon codes!), it's definitely next on the list. It's great to know they have excellent customer service, so important in my book. For now I probably need to pull out my dusty tens unit and at least work with that too, I read some posts about using it for vagus also but ya know, with brain fog and limited energy, these projects takes months and months to get organized. Ah well, full time job now, healing. I'll update later once I've used the Hummingbird for awhile.
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    Yeah, please do update re: the Hummingbird when you've had some time with it. I'd like to know your opinion as a user of the technology in general. Hope it provides you with some relief!