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Speaking of... do you (or does anyone else) have experience with tianeptine? I get conflicting info on its serotonin impact. Apparently it used to be considered an SSRE (encouraging the reuptake of serotonin), yet was somehow complementary to, say, SSRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

I'm trying to figure out how useful it might be -- and how it might interact with other useful supplements. (E.g. my SNRI -- Cymbalta -- has proven particularly useful for fibro pain, including migraines.)


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Yes, thanks Minx, I've been getting supplements (including tianeptine) from PowderCity with good results. It's quite the learning curve to figure out what stacks well together -- and what may interact negatively (or positively) with other meds.

The temptation is to try a whole bunch of stuff at once, but you really have to take your time, and record results meticulously.

The tianeptine seems helpful for pain and endorphins, but I'm still trying to figure out its function with neurotransmitters.

BTW, I've also been trying Focalin for about a week. It was giving me a substantial paradoxical effect (almost narcoleptic). But at one low dose per day, combined with other supplements, I'm starting to figure out how it might improve my capabilities.

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@Paw Focalin was by far my favorite stimulant about 10 years ago. I liked that it had a slow taper so I didn't crash and had the side effect of putting me in a good mood. Is it generic yet?

I was much healthier then so I'm not sure about taking it now. Do you get mental clarity? That's what I need. Nothing I have taken has helped that so I think it's more viral.

I haven't tried the paracetam yet. I usually try stuff on the weekends so if I have a bad reaction it won't interfere with my having to do stuff during the week, i.e. phone calls and dealing with stuff. Taking notes is my downfall. I'm pretty sure I didn't yesterday.

I'll have to cruise Powder City and see what they have. I have some other stuff to try, one is Source Naturals NK-3. I started it once, way to fast and felt horrible so I need to do it slower.


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Yes, I get the generic Focalin, cheap with no prior authorization (dexmethylphenidate). It's pretty subtle, but so far I'm encouraged by extra reserves of energy when I need them.

I'm still needing to lie down regularly with fairly deep fatigue, but it's been more like a meditation, without necessarily narcoleptic (immediate) sleep. Interesting.

As for mental clarity, I've been enjoying some of the racetams (especially the quasi-racetem Noopept). Stacked with 50 mg or so of anhydrous caffeine -- which seems more stable and longer-lasting than, say, coffee -- I've definitely felt like I now have a new set of helpful tools that aren't exactly life-changing, but are significant management aids.

From Powder City I've also been experimenting with a lot of other combinations -- too many to list here. But some that have seemed particularly helpful: NALT (N-acetyl L-Tyrosine), Alpha Lipoic Acid, ALCAR (Acetyl L-carnitine), D-Ribose, and Sulbutiamine. Also to calm the nerves before bed: L-Theanine, picamilon, and, occasionally, phenibut (when I really want a pleasant sedative effect).

For me, taking notes is crucial because this new hobby involves so much trial and error (with some combinations making you feel worse, not better) that I would miss patterns unless I could review the effects of multiple days and weeks. For instance, I discovered I can't seem to tolerate the innocuous-sounding L-Tryptophan before bed, possibly because it interacts negatively with my Cymbalta.

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I get pretty jittery from stuff vs energy. And some things it lasts for over 10 hours. I even had it the first time I used colloidal silver.

With all you're doing yes notes are Important. I'm at my saturation point with stuff I'm taking so I'm not interested right now in a lot of things. And my ability for detailed notes would be a struggle.

I have tried or am currently taking many of the things you are taking. Have you tried passion flower? It's one of my go to's when I wake in the middle of the night.


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Thanks for the passionflower tip. I'll pick some up ASAP.

For me, the more the merrier when it comes to sleep tools. Rotating through various options raises my chances of getting a half-way mediocre sleep.

In addition to various supplements, I have prescriptions for gabapentin, clonazepam, and Lunesta -- but they all disappoint if I use them more than a couple of times per week.

My most reliable standby is a bit of cannabis before bed; it's great for getting to sleep (and for RLS), but it doesn't last into the 3 AM hours.

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I use solaray in the Green bottle. I find it good for 3 am wakings

I have a crapload of stuff I take to sleep. Rotating every night.

Triazolam, trazodone, doxepine, seroquel, zanaflex,
Oxazepam, Ambien. Then otc I ise doxylamine, another antihistamine, passion flower, sun theanine, phenibut, kava and melatonine. I also have some overseas stuff. Pm me if you want specifics.

I can get pot here but a doc appointment is about $100 then I think another $65 for a card. Then the weed. And I would want low Thc.

Years ago when it was easy to get pot, I had some stuff and man I was up all night with my brain going all over the place.


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Well this is embarrassing: I can't figure out how to send a PM!

Yes, thanks, I would like to hear more of your specific supplements.

For instance, I find phenibut useful and pleasurable -- and would rely on it more if it didn't have such a reputation for addiction and quick tolerance build-up...

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I only take phenibut maybe once a week when I just can't shut my brain down.

FYI to PM, go to the top right of the screen and click on Inbox. There you start a conversation.

I'll start one now.

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