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Mediterranean Cruise sounds heavenly! Traveling is such a hard thing on our bodies! you must tell me about your dream cruise! I can imagine Japanese is difficult. Following through with things with this disease seems difficult. At least we can try, right?

I am at a 3 level of functioning and this weekend, we are moving our son 8 hours away. The men had to get a rental truck with a cab, so I can ride flat in the back for the trip. I know it will send me into PEM anyway, but my kids are I would rather suffer than not go. I HATE PEM!!! I would rather die then not go. I will rest the whole way there and the whole time there and the whole time back, except for a few hours up each day. This way, I am still a mom and can love on them and help using what brain and strength I have left, which isn't much. ;-D

I have been ill SO long, we are all used to life with this disease. I have 5 kids (ages 20-30) and people wonder how I did that, but I felt good while I was pregnant and afterwards for a bit, and I wasn't as ill as I am now. Oh well. What can we do? Gotta to accept the curveball life throws at us. I am dreaming your Mediterranean Cruise right now! We actually took a small ferry to one of those ancient islands off the Adriatic Sea once and spent the day there. It was fascinating! Just seeing the ancient cemetery was worth it! Plus, then someone invited us into their home when we missed our boat back to the mainland. At least we could speak their language. :-D Dream on Not Dead Yet!no one can steal that from us.

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