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  1. Hustler

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    For real, true, primary ME :


    Viread 245mg
    Raltegravir 400mg

    Raltegravir 400mg

    If starting out then best to start on half doses and build up to avoid IRIS reaction.

    Just like chemotherapy patients also essential to eat well, hydrate, and supplement with multivitamins just like they do for patients on chemotherapy. Just for extra sensible protection. Normal doses.

    Good luck people, and those who will attack me, I hereby flick blue and pink pills at all of you !!

    I am in full remission.

    MLV Mikovits pinned to SFFV 7C10 GP55
    VP 62 of Silverman was the biggest error
    Silverman error was focus of negative studies

    If anyone wants to get better, follow my lead.

    If you don't you are letting yourselves be tricked out of a more normal life.

    Hope your doctors support you and you manage to get sensibly monitored follow up and support on antiRETROvirals
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  3. Merida

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    This is wonderful news!!! Do you know how you may have contracted this retrovirus? What are your thoughts about the bioengineering that has occurred in recent years?
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  4. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    - Either caught it from a person with cancer while visiting them...

    - Or through the measles/rubela shot or polio shot which planted it inside me...

    - Or through contact with unvaccinated people who weren't able to get single shots because government refused them and people refused combination shots.

    - Or was always part of my dna and an environmental toxin or vaccine component toxin/preservative, or infection set it off directly or it provided and created the vector for recombination inside my body with another retrovirus caught as stated above

    - Maybe all of the above, part of the above, with modern day toxins or modern day environment or modern day biolabmade vectors/retroviruses

    In any case 245mg viread and 800mg raltegravir daily seems to hit the spot sweetly. Half dose built up to full dose to prevent IRIS. Multivitamins prior and during. Just like they give to people on chemo. This is an Aids-like illness and the authorities are letting themselves be led astray by some LUNATICS advising them while putting a noose around their neck molded by the very people in pharma and our labs who created all this crap, albeit unintentionally.

    Unintentional but devestating
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  5. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present you

    The Bermuda Triangle :

    Three perfect sides to the triangle,

    into which they slammed dunked Mikovits with Lipkin in the cockpit chewing his cigar :

    they took down all the patients with them

    and in the black box they found only shreds of these two papers :

    Meanwhile the airliners owners were given positions in other companies and it was all quickly forgotten

    Oh and Lipkin hit the eject button and parachuted out to safety
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  6. joyce.swing

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    @Hustler Congratulations - how about some details - like how long you had ME, how severe, how long were you on the antiretrovirals before you saw improvement, how long since in remission.
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  7. Hustler

    Hustler Active Member

    Had been ill 20y

    Was at 50%

    4th year on them and still on them

    Upward progression

    Feeling increasingly better

    Am now in full remission

    Think I had IRIS but if you get through that then it all gets good

    In retrospect i d start on half dose n build up
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  8. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    I am re-reading your important comments, and thinking about my own situation, having been diagnosed with multiple apparently chronic, active organisms. All the human retroviruses we know about, HIV, HTLV 1 and 2, are very fastidious and are not passed from ordinary environmental surfaces to humans. They are not spread by coughing or casual contact.

    So, I can only imagine the source of infection as close human contact with fluid exchange, blood transfusion, or vaccine? Or proviruses in our DNA that have 'awakened?'

    Since many ( most ? ) vaccines are passed through animal tissue, I am suspicious about that possibility. As recently as 2010 a pig circovirus ( an immunosuppressive pig virus that causes illness/death in young pigs) was found in the Rotavirus vaccine given to human babies. The vaccine was initially pulled, then the FDA said the vaccine was safe and it was back on the shelf.
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  9. Empty

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    I think its vaccines. There has been too much cover up and ridiculousness surrounding ME.
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  10. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    I don't know if there has been a cover up around ME but there has definitely been a lot of ridiculousness.

    It kind of reminds me a lot about how when AIDS came out that the concept of something that was able cause damage years later was just so foreign to everyone.

    I remember a time that if someone would of put forward the concept of neuroplasticity that they would of been laughed out of the room.

    My opinion is that the problem with ME is it seems to fly in the face of what is commonly currently understood about medical science and just like the other examples above it is going to take a cultural shift for things to change.

    Sadly that cultural shift could of started years ago if it hasn't ended up being wasted on bad science and five years of having to go through the court to get the raw data to prove the truth.
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  11. JES

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    If it were as simple as vaccines, one would think CFS/ME would be more common among children, whereas everything I've read suggest you are more likely to develop CFS/ME at an older age, from late teens and upward with increased likelihood. This better fits the idea that you catch some other bugs on the way as you get older rather than a vaccine being the trigger. Kids also seem to have a better chance of spontaneous recovery than what adults have.

    @Hustler That is a fascinating story about your recovery. I would add that another possible explanation is that Raltegravir is from what I've read likely to be antiviral against all herpesviruses (source), and herpesviruses like mono (EBV) are a known trigger for CFS/ME.
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  12. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    I agree.

    If you look at the strange similarities that CFS and SFS (Sports Fatigue Syndrome) where bodies that have been 'over-stressed' by training allow for a virus to get in that the person that they don't recover from it can't help but make you wonder. (
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  13. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    Well, the rate of autism in kids has skyrocketed - -and not because of just better diagnosis. My kids were in elementary school in the early 1980s. I was "room mother" for many of these years, was a Nature center guide for thousands of kids over 20 years. My son was in the Resource Room due to various learning differences. Autism was still not that common - and my observations agree with what professionals have said.
    Now, autism is 1 in 50. The biggest change has been the number of vaccines given to kids. I think this is what took Judy Mikovitz 'out.'

    And retroviruses are strange. The HTLV retrovirus is known to produce cancer in one population in Africa, and neurological problems in another population. This was pointed out in Robert Gallo's book, Virus Hunting.
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  14. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    One more comment : autistic kids have many of the same symptoms we do - including chronic digestive problems, sleep issues, extreme sensitivity to environment - light, sound, textures, and more.
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  15. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    Just to clarify, why do you believe that the reason the rate that autism in kids becoming higher is not just because of better diagnosis? They actually change the condition’s diagnostic criteria in the DSM a while back to allow a diagnosis even if symptoms became apparent after 30 months of age and they were also not as strict with how many 'checkboxes' you had to meet before getting a diagnose. Those two changes alone would be cause for the diagnosed cases of autism to skyrocket.
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  16. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    This is very true. I read an interesting article a while back about a drug used to treat sleeping sickness used to help people with autism.

    That being said, the rates of autoimmune diseases in general are on the rise so that is why I have my doubts about being able to link it all back to a higher rate of vaccination since people across generations are now getting sick. Those before and after the higher rate.
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  17. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    The CDC began a consistent evaluation of children and autism rates back in 2000. And, during this time of consistent monitoring the rates ( according to their data/evaluation) of Autism kept increasing. Of course, there is always debate on this topic. Just like us!!!

    Has chronic fatigue/ FM rates really increased over the past 4-5 decades, or is this not a true increase, just better diagnosis? My husband spoke to Anthony Komaroff about this at the 2009 Reno conference. Dr. Komaroff ( in practice for many decades) said that he saw very few cases of CFS/FM - -and this clearly began in the late 1970s. He then commented that the 'flood gates' opened in the 1980s and 1990s - when he was literally flooded with people having these complex, multiple, unexplainable symptoms.

    Thanks for the article! Yes, I keep thinking I am infected with something, but what? There are many strange infective organisms on Earth. And we
    Are really just beginning to appreciate that. Hopefully technology will lead us to an answer.
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  18. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    Definitely! I have my fingers crossed for the both of us. ❤
  19. Farmgirl

    Farmgirl Well-Known Member

    @Merida. So do Alzheimer patients. Had a family member with it.
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  20. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    I just don't know about Alzheimer's. But Dr. Alan MacDonald, pathologist and researcher for the Harvard brain bank, has very interesting talks on Alzheimer's and chronic infections. Do a YouTube search and they will come right up. More and more I think that everyone with chronic illness has some kind of infection. But what???

    But also, I think that our particular structures may be a risk factor as far as organisms being able to pass through the blood brain barrier. Maybe our immune systems are hypersensitive and reactive as a compensation for blood/ brain barrier glitches??? Just total guessing here - based on my experience and that of my family.

    This is such a difficult journey.