Is Antibiotic Overuse Finally Being Addressed?


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Hopefully this will address the use of antibiotics in our food including meat as well.

Drugmakers pledge to clean up antibiotic factories, curb overuse

Thirteen leading drugmakers promised on Tuesday to clean up pollution from factories making antibiotics and take steps to curb overuse of the medicines as part of a drive to fight the rise of drug-resistant superbugs.

The industry announcement coincides with a high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance as part of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Companies that have signed up to the scheme include leaders in both branded and generic drug production, including Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and Allergan, as well as Indian drugmakers Cipla and Wockhardt.

The group will work with independent experts to set new factory standards and review supply chains to ensure antibiotic waste does not enter waterways, where it can lead to the breeding of superbugs.

Efforts to prevent overuse of antibiotics will involve a review of promotional activities and the implementation, by 2020, of concrete measures such as the removal of incentives to sell the drugs in larger volumes.

Though the problem of drug-resistant bacteria has been a feature of medicine since the discovery of penicillin in 1928, it has grown in recent years with the emergence of infections resistant to multiple drugs, such as MRSA.


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I do think antibiotic overuse is a legit major concern both for the food industry as well as causing superbugs. I am glad it is getting the attention it is.


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I have heard its use in farming practices is the main cause and not drs over prescribing.

Would people be getting sicker in abx werent used in farming???? I dont think ive ever heard anyone as this question?
Have to disagree with you................Dr's over prescribing all the time for every cough and sniffle. The bacteria builds up tolerance.........that's why it is getting harder and harder for anti-biotics to work affectively.................I believe this is going to turn into a Big time problem...............already bigger than it is right now. Just my opinion.


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I know in australia ive heard of more people underprescribed abx than over prescribed as its been a big push here. I've heard of many cases where gps wont prescribe abx because its just a virus and they end up hospitalized for chest infections or needing ear surgery etc.
It used to be standard practice to take cultures and then depending on the results prescribe Abx or not............and to know what kind of antibiotics to prescribe based on results. This is hardly practiced anymore.
It used to be standard practice to take cultures and then depending on the results prescribe Abx or not............and to know what kind of antibiotics to prescribe based on results. This is hardly practiced anymore.

Yes, Tammy you are perfectly right concerning the taking of a culture first if the signs and symptoms were significant. Then and only then would a suitable antibiotic be prescribed. Otherwise rest and lots of liquids, while waiting for return to normal was advised. Basically our world is going at a faster pace. We want instant treatment with no time given to rest. As well, those employed are encouraged to keep on coming into work per usual as taking sick days off would risk losing the job. This then causes the spread of the infection to the other workers, and so brings in a public problem which needs to be addressed.


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There's apparently also an issue of some people "stockpiling" meds (and taking them when they don't know they need them), and also antibiotic courses not being appropriately finished to instructions so that causes issues as well, thouugh I don't know how much it contributes to this issue.

I've never had antibiotics pushed on me when I didn't need them, and have been offered them on an incase basis with infections (styes), and once had them denied to me despite that being the wrong course of action. (US)

I do think there are issues with them being over prescribed for some things, but others should have them whether there are definitive lab results or not such as acute lyme symptoms particularly if there's a bulls eye rash since the blood test takes a while to eventually come back positive.

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