Is the Link Between CFS & Autism What You've been Looking for?

Haha that link made my day thank you for posting it, how did you come to find that one and what thought process was behind it if I may ask ?

It's a really weird link and I don't know what to think about it... Seen in a global way without going into details in some way I really do agree that these things are indeed related and he says some interesting things that are indeed true but then the site is just so strange to read. It has no navigation links to older articles too I only saw some more articles when clicking "older posts" . He says that he will tell you about the root cause but then... doesn't give you any root cause at the end of the article.... And some of these Tidbits at the end are just plain weird...

And what am I supposed to do then, buy the book that seems to be about this person Tito that gets followed and harassed by the FBI because he sent a friend an email containing a link which instructs how to convert an automobile to run on the power of water (hmmpff....) and in the mean time he finds a method that cures his ME / CFS and this can also cure autism. And the author also "challenges his readers to think, encourages them to break free from the prison of years of conditioning, and invites them to take the mystical path as well." That's a lot ! Wow I am almost overcome by curiosity now !

My guess is that if I would buy the book for 29,95 dollar ( it's just a pdf not even a real book) then I would find out how to cure myself from ME / CFS ? It reads almost like a scam but then it is so weird it might not even be one.

Funny and strange find containing some half-truths !
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