Jen Breas Ted talk is up!

Beth from Oz

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Just watched it. It was very moving, and I just love how the audience responded. I also loved the way Jen told the story of her illness before introducing its name.
When I started watching the video it was just over 30 000 views, when I finished the talk I refreshed the page. The view count was just over 40 000. I hope this goes viral.

Forgot to mention the video being 17 minutes long, means there was around 10 000 views in that time.


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I hope she recovers soon, we need a voice of reason, to combat all the stupidity that ME/CFS breeds.
I would guess just doing that talk, wiped her out for days, if not weeks...
A big thank you to her for giving her precious time to helping all of us, by educating others.


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Jennifer Brea - Well done! Anyone who can speak up- its an act of service for us all. Agree with Ladyliegh. We need smart voices now. Especially on behalf of those of us who don't have a voice or, like me, barely gaining a whisper. How does she manage to think and articulate so well? (despite the one moment of lapse), and under what i'd guess is a physically trying situation? My memory and brain-fog precludes me from most intelligent thought and ability to converse these days. I often feel like a 3 yr old trying to explain myself. o_O


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Yeah, that was moving. And she summarized the current state of affairs nicely: Mainly with the help of communities (like this one) we piece together bits of information and experience that maybe help us five percent here, five percent there. And, meanwhile, we learn to say, "I don't know" to ourselves.

I also appreciated her shout-out to the particular challenges men face. Even though I feel very lucky to have more mobility (for example) compared to others, it's still challenging to deal with that kneejerk "men should just tough it out" mentality.


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66K views in a couple of days! That's totally astonishing -and very good news!


Wow, just watched it. Her courage is astounding, what an AMAZING person and what an incredible achievement. She really hit the nail on the head, could not have been better! I really hope she didn't suffer too much afterwards.

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