June 16 - Jose Montoya Webinar - The Solve ME/CFS Initiative


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Seriously. Stanford is still sitting on like 2-3 papers aren't they?
Check this out;

Montoya got a $5 million donation in 2008. He's also got other donations...

This is what has been accomplished:
  • The Stanford program has published two papers that I can find since then - the leptin paper by Jarred Younger and the brain imaging Zeineh paper; they did publish some valganciclovir papers but it took them 6/7 years to get the second valganciclovir study out...
  • In the newsletter last year he stated that two Zinn papers would be published soon; they both left and decamped to Chicago where they are working with Lenny Jason
  • In the 2014 Symposium presenters stated that gene expression tests showed that ME/CFS was an inflammatory disorder - no papers have been published
  • The 2015 Spring newsletter stated they and Dr. Lipkin had "exciting" pathogen results; nothing has been published
  • They stated they were running 600 samples through Mark Davis's machine - that never happened

There's more - off the top of my head I can't remember everything but that Stanford program is severely underproducing plus the Zinn's and Younger are gone. I tried to send him a list of questions but the only email I could find didn't work...I have found some other avenues, though, and will try them.

On the face of it it doesn't look good.


Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising
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Me too. Hopefully we'll know more at the Webinar.
Agreed, the silence is deafening. I had thought maybe they were saving everything up for one big publishing blitz but now I'm not so sure. :confused:

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