just my take on whats going on the underlying disease

ok i think I've got this thing solved ,or at least in my case .bold claim i know but i can't think straight these days . i have read soooo much stuff that i ve forgotten waaaay more than i can remember .in fact i would have to say that has been the most debilitating aspect for me ..memory and being able to communicate spontaneously with people ,and also the feeling now of actually being truly stuck in the moment like a goldfish.
i am really sick now and have been progressively deteriorating at a rapid rate over the last 30 days. my condition or at least the beginning of being labelled with something was fibro in 2011 . just a brief taste of this , (mental)confusion ,(physical)walking around thought i had stood on tacks , holding things in my hands ,I'm a builder , when holding my hammer it was like picking up broken glass or holding gorse.that all disappeared over three months only the bouts of anxiety would occasionally surface. at the end of 2013 anxiety struck and at the start of 2014 the pain came back but in a different way ,just widespread pain i.e. face felt as though it had been smacked with a spade, general allover burning, confusion, brain shut ,down no energy ,severe memory loss etc no need to rave i think we've all been there .again fibro was diagnosis.after a couple of weeks the symptoms of absolute fatigue and the pain faded, my memory had been affected but was better .up until that point in my life i had been a sugar freak,it was in and on everything and i loved my beer ,in moderation at the end of the day ,real cravings (i think you know were I'm heading with this and I know I'm not the first to put forward this idea)the next thing i decided to do was clean up my diet . no alcohol no sugar low carbs . i did this for 8 months . during this period i suffered increasing insomnia progressive memory probs and increasing pain ,it got unbearable. all the while my bloods etc were normal although there had been some fsh abnormalities which apparently normalised later. towards the end of the year with the festive season approaching i began beer again .my energy levels increased and my pain faded my memory and thinking ability remained rubbish but was improved from before. i was also able to sleep.2015 was more of the same although work was not as busy and i also had adopted a diet from autoimmune the cause and the cure book ,beer was still consumed daily tho . 2016 more of the same but i decided to be not as restrictive with my diet and allowed some more higher gi index foods still consumed beer and the end result was more energy and less pain .the only negative tho was i was having increased anxiety and more memory probs .i think i can explain this but will do that later if and when this thread continues.my next plan was to remove my amalgam. i had been tested and had been found to be high in heavy metals including mercury, and had been advised that removing my amalgam would help my mental health ,anxiety and memory . so at the end of last year i decided to quit alcohol a litre a day , which i also thought was a contributing factor to memory,and get my amalgams removed . jan 6 th was my last beer. jan 10th muscle aches 14th a massive attack head to toe absolute memory shutdown burning everywhere every conceivable fibro symptom from the initial standing on tacks in 2011 (which has never happened since )to teeth that ache red burning eyes etc hit me at once . i had had a tooth extracted on the 13th and was due for the first lot of amalgam removal on the 16 which i cancelled . i have abstained from beer and since that day i have progressively and agressively deteriorated. i have got to the point of absolute dizziness the point you get to when your underwater trying to get to the surface for air and just about pass out . i got to hospital on sunday feeling like this with massive heart pain but nothing was found and a diagnosis of hyperventilation was given although in the beginning i was passing out which caused me to hyperventilate ,anxiety is not an issue with me anymore . i will explain this at some other stage .
so i guess what I'm trying to say here is that based on my experiences over the last 4 or so years and what i have read and learnt lately and especially the latest episode i am sure candida is the organism behind this illness.
i won't go into detail now but will add material to this thread which will explain why i believe this and the reason why I'm being affected how i am now ( dizzy and fatigued and delirious i.e. low ATP and in the case of hypoventilation i think the carbon dioxide comes from candida.
the problem with candida being the culprit is the fact that there is a general belief that it will only affect hiv chemotherapy etc . this flys in the face of M medicine.medscape.com ( Candidiasis Clinical Presentation article 213853) if you look at chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis you will see it is progressive and all encompassing .
you will also see that it refers to osteomyelitis . this is something i had as a child .
i wonder if anyone here has ever had iv antifungals .
ok thats enough for now I'm actually really sick and can't believe the change in myself over the last month . I'm now starting to have trouble breathing and i bet they'll call it copd. i hate the way they single out symptoms and can't put it together. as i get the energy ill try to find the info I've seen and put it up here to back up what I'm trying to say .
if only they had a conclusive test for invasive candida I'm sure most of you would not be like you are and as far as candida in the gut if people learn about controlling it and managing it anti depressants wouldn't feature in their lives .
take care everyone one day at a time
i would also like to point out at the end of the year i had a fantastic energy level ,well 70% of my old self . for example even tho i haven't been on my mountain bike for about 10 months i managed to crack out 48k for my first ride with my wife and the following 4 days approx 35k rides culminating in a gondola assisted downhill sees of 50 odd k with some big jumps thrown in . i was a kid again that was november . i was functioning great up until i stopped feeding the organism with beer.

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I don't know how you expect anyone with cognitive issues to read that first post. No paragraphs, run on sentences huge blocks of texts. I can't even look at your post without my brain exploding. If you have cognitivie issues then you should be aware that others do too and they can't possibly read that. Could you if someone else wrote that?


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@not myself anymore
Hope you are still checking in. Chronic Candida is always a secondary situation to a more comprehensive problem - like some kind of immune suppression or other whole body issue. Important: Have you had brain and spinal cord MRIs? Read by an expert in Chiari/ Syringomyelia/ tethered spinal cord?? If these conditions are not familiar to you, spend some time reading about them.

There is a known association between scoliosis and the above problems. So, if you have even mild scoliosis, then you are at greater risk. I led a large support group 13 years, and very few people had MRIs. But out of the few that did 3 different people had syringomyelia. This is just a fancy name for a bubble of spinal fluid trapped inside the spinal cord. This is a big problem, and can produce all of the symptoms we have, and terrible relentless pain. I was SHOCKED when the neurologists who had ordered the MRIs said little about the syringomyelia and labeled the people with"fibromyalgia." Ridiculous.


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I cut out MANY MANY carbs and have not brought breads into my house for about 10 yrs.

Stopped cakes, pies, cookies etc etc etc...now and then a treat but finally WOKE UP>

Make my meat sandwiches with two beautiful leaves of Organic Romaine Lettuce.

I don't believe candida issue is in my body. J

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