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My experience with x39 is that it caused me to wake up early then usually ,disturbing sleep.
But worse it felt extremely stimulating.
I took it for 3 days. Every day cutting less time.
It felt like pushing my energy .
This seems to work very strong but if your energy is severely low like mine it will knock you out. I might try in a few weeks for maybe 15 minutes once a week .let's see.
I am looking for something to naturally heal my worn out wiped out low functioning adrenals.
Living with no energy is hell at times.
I was counting on that to be a magic cure.
But sadly it knocked me out .


I feel real positive about this!
Except It’s just I’m worried about the fact that my blood pressure is very high since I started the patches and so is the tension and edginess sweaty palms and feet and tremors. It’s just I don’t know how to navigate that.

I’ll do the eon this week and see if anything changes for the better. I know I started it today and my blood pressure was at the highest yet. Maybe it takes some time to come back down.

Can’t recall, but did you experience blood pressure changes?
Yes I tried the x39 and my pulse was very high.100. I was trembling.
I tried for 3 days. It was very draining and scary.
My blood preasure went high.
I want to give it a break a few weeks and then maybe do once a week for 10 minutes.
I am just not sure if it's a healer or a stimulater.
Any stimulation is bad.
But if it's a healer and the dose just needs to be lower like once or twice a week for 15 minutes it might be good.


Hi Wideawake,
I just started the eon with the X 39 for one day and I had a horrific night. I’m having edginess, tension, sweaty tremors, palms, and feet. I took a break off it today. And will try to start back on only four hours a day with the X 39. I get these cortisol symptoms every evening, but they don’t bother me like the bad sleep I had. Also, my heart rate and blood pressure are rising a little bit. I’m on Fludrocortisone for POTS, don’t know if that’s causing cortisol issues with the patches.
When you first started out, what was the protocol you followed? Just the X 39? And for how many hours a day? Did you have any problems adjusting to it?

i’m so bummed out about this and I hope I can find a way to stay on it as my health is deteriorating, and I felt so much better

when you first started the X 39 Did you have your heart rate or blood pressure change and did you get the edginess/tension from the patches in the evening?

Thank you so much!
I had the same experience.
Please update on your experience


Hello Everyone. I'm starting a thread about Lifewave Patches. I've been using them for 13 months, and have improved immensely. I started on them because in addition to many years of ME/CFS and having a 2 year relapse during the pandemic, I then got COVID. Long COVID added to my toxic mix and symptoms then included MCAS and other terrifying additions. Not many people know about Lifewave. I have lots of information to share with anyone who is interested in giving it a shot. Through a lot of research on all of the body systems that are messed up, I developed a plan on which patches to use and when, mostly by intuition. They work on the acupuncture meridian system, and they put absolutely nothing into the body. They cause the body to heal itself. Sounds space age, and crazy, I know. But it's high technology, with clinical studies and they've worked for me. This is my first time posting, so I don't know if I receive notifications. I'll try to check back here every few days. (I do not sell this product or anything else :D)
Please update me.
I tried it and pulse and blood preasure went up. I was shaking for a few days.
I want to try it once a week for 10 minutes.
But if it's a wipper to push the body it will crash me. I don't know uf it's a stimulant like acupuncture or a nutrition like like Lazer or red light..

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