Lymph node pain on acyclovir


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You're right, all the posts from that point on should have been moved to a new thread. I think it's OK for a post or two to go off topic but when it's clear it's taken on a life of it's own, that's when the whole thing needs a new thread and a new title. It's only fair to the OP.

And it isn't up to me to stop anything. I'm not in charge here.
It's not up to you to stop it, but if someone else doesn't stop they are in deep trouble.

And then you said this, which easily could have been replaced with the answer.
"Yes, but it's common knowledge that both drugs and infections cause oxidative stress. There's nothing earth shattering in that statement."
Medication combos, underlying diseases vary so much from person to person with ME. I am not on anti-virals. When I get painful lymph nodes I sit on my big blue therapy ball and (gently) bounce away, but protected from falling. I put the ball between the bed and the wall so I can protect myself from falling off. Just bouncing a minute is plenty, but you may have to work up to it. Dr. Carruthers had mentioned it to help with lymph drainage and painful nodes, balance and core strength is an added benefit. Hey maybe helps with salivary stones, I started bouncing again for that and haven't developed anymore of them (yet).

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