Mallory's Dangerous Spinal Treatments Eventually Work

Mallory's Dangerous Spinal Treatments Eventually Work 2021-11-07


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... psst... Mallory is a woman ;)

Are you aware of Dr. Keneth Blanchard treating FMS ME?CFS etc by macrodosing thyroid:

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Thank you, Cort. Very technical. I'm not sure I understood how they even reached the conclusion that they should try it. And there seem to be a lot of contradictions but that seems to be a problem with the format. They're trying to give you a list of all their conditions at the beginning. But later she/he says that the tethered cord issue developed after they started taking the GSK-cu injections.

In addition, they claim to have gained an inch in height after GSK-cu. What's that about? Why were they even seeking that effect? Why were they checking it? I mean if I'm just tired all the time, I'm not really focusing on my height. It's odd.

I clicked through to the further thoughts article too. Apparently people questioned the electrical part of the treatment. This is the part I didn't really question. TENS has been around and helpful for ages. I saw no reason to question it. But that's where she/he reveals that TCS was a later development, due to GSK-cu. The part that had me confused was when it's suggested that you read articles and listen to podcasts on FSM, but none are referenced.

So I went to the website and looked at the practitioners in a zipcode area. Most of them are "Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Headaches" and that sort of thing. I'm not saying they're not genuine or sincere, but I've met a lot of such practitioners and a lot of them are bags of hot air making a job for themselves with no boss above them. Can't blame them for that but it's also a reality people should consider before fully relying on such people for their medical care.

If you do go this way, remember both/and. Listen to all points of view, even if you don't like them, and leave the door open to change your mind and direction. You are the empowered one, and the decision maker.

I'm glad this worked for someone. I feel like this is a research project for someone else if they choose to consider trying it for themselves.

Something I kept thinking: Hormesis is real. Stressing your body out repeatedly is a well known and traditional way of healing. Since it's not exercise, it may be something to consider for ME/CFS treatment. Mallory kept saying she/he felt achy and yet ramped up the GSK-cu injections and sublinguals anyway. Because it was tolerable. That's the very definition of hormesis. Maybe that's all we're learning here. Or maybe it's more. I hate to say the cliche but more research is needed.

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