Melatonin and Gerd Relief


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Wow, that's fascinating, thanks. A great read for anyone who wants to better understand their GERD. I would not have imagined any treatment more efficient than PPIs (such as omeprezole).

The article also gives a little insight into why breathing exercises might be helpful. When I get an attack during exercise (like walking) I've learned I can rein it in with proper breathing. (I was on PPIs for more than a decade, but finally gave them up because of concerns of long-term damage.) Will now try adding a custom melatonin cocktail to my regimen.


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My sleep got troublesome when I supposedly was hit with Fibro in 1999 and that's when I started to work on a sleep combo and it included Melatonin, 1/4mg, then 1/2mg and now holding at 1mg...and here I am at 80 and no reflux issues. Just heard about this from a friend and the link explains it all.

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That's interesting. I read somewhere that seratonin and melatonin can be converted one to the other in the body. I have to try that because I don't often have GERD anymore, but when it happens it hurts a lot and I always turn back to a PPI. I don't think they're healthy though.


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True, PPI's have their dangers. I don't use them, my every day routine is Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for just total general digestive health.


Thank you for sharing this. I am started suffering from GERD after taking Aleve for 3 days and then having some weird tasting food at the Thanksgiving potluck. Not sure what I am having, but it feels like GERD... heartburn and pain. The doctor said that it could not be any bacteria from food I ate at the pot luck since I had no diarrhea.. but after a month of an extremely GERD friendly diet and Zantac I still have pain that gets worse when I lay down... can't believe 3 Aleve pills could cause that. Either way, I wanted to share what supplements helped me with GERD in the past and what helped me now:

I remember suffering from GERD 5 years ago, these 2 remedies helped me to forget about my stomach issues for 2.5 years untiol this Thanksgiving:

DGL (has the stomach benefits but no side effects of licorice, always helped me with GERD before)
potato juice (juice 1 raw potato in the morning and drink 20 min before food)

Recently, these 2 did not help much, so I tried more things and what helped was:

papaya (several pieces at the end of the mean, they say it helps due to enzymes)
Aloe vera juice (I bought the juice Lilly of the desert stomach formula, Amazon has it and the reviews are true. This one was very helpful!)

I hope that this will help for those who suffer from GERD and want to treat it the natural way. Good luck everyone!


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I find it hard to believe 3 Aleve tabs would do it.

I like your other suggestions too, I take DGL from Natural Factors daily and my reasoning is protection for stomach as I take ibuprofen for pain issues.

Aloe vera is always good too. I've taken it and not now.

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