Mindfulness Finally Works with Fibromyalgia Patient


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Prohealth blog on one FM patients experience with mindfulness. If Martinez-Lavin is correct and stress = distress (sympathetic nervous system activation) and pain in fibromyalgia, then mindfulness/stress reduction practices should equal less pain. My experience is that they can.

There are many out there. This is just one of them..

What he said next was the turning point for me. “It is okay for your mind to wander. The important thing is to not get upset if you lose focus.”

Once you realize that you have lost your focus, just start again, one..one..one…

It was ok if I my mind wandered? Someone just told me I didn’t have to be perfect.

Then it was our turn… Softly he said, “Close your eyes, let your breath out; feel your body go limp and start counting, one..one..one…”

Okay for the next five minutes we are going to try it.

Sitting in this uncomfortable chair in a conference room with all these people, my body actually began to relax.

Yes, it did wander but as soon as I caught myself, I started again.

“Slowly return to normal waking consciousness. Take at least two minutes to return.”

I had finally discovered something that worked for me. I needed to have someone tell me it was ok to get off track without stressing about it. Also, like every other treatment, medication, diet we have to keep trying new things until we find the right one that fits us. I now have success with the CD that I had stressed out about every time I had tried.

It seems that everywhere I turn someone is talking, tweeting or blogging about the benefits of mindfulness. I don’t know about everyone else but my life is so busy, once I trained myself on how to do it, finding the time was the next hurdle. I found the time. I chose to practice mindfulness during the time that I am waiting in my car for my teenager after practices and games, in my office at school during my lunch, and even as I soak in the bathtub. It is a cold winter and I do need to find ways to help my body get through until Spring. Mindfulness is one of those ways.

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