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I have been using modafinil in low doses off and on for awhile, the normal dose is 200mg but i have found 50mg more than enough. I dont feel like its overstimulating and i cant compare it to other stims as i havent used them before but it seems alot calmer than what i have heard about other more traditional stimulants. I find it helps turn of the cognitive part of the brain thats not working well and also have more cognitive endurance, so its not really a physical energy.
Its said to work through severeal mechanisms like increasing dopamine and noradrenaline as well as blocking the effects of adenosine which is what makes people drowsy.

I find taking it in the morning when night time comes around i sleep like i would if i did or didnt take modafinil, although the first few times it was harder to sleep.

I was also concerned about stims slowly destroying my brain but it seems that modafinil is suppose to have neuroprotective properties, so possibly a good thing for us to use??

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I remember trying it years ago. I think it kept me up all night even though it's not supposed to.

When I tried adderal and concerta, even though they're supposed to be out in 12
hours I had the jitters for almost 24 hours.

My all time favorite when I was more functional and needed a boost was Focalin. It lasts about 5 hours, tapers off slowly and has a side effect of a good mood.

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