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These guys are getting more and more professional. This brochure features Ron Davis's son Whitney's horrific story. He's just hanging on at this point. The brochure is attached.

It starts off like this:

A Personal Nightmare Living with ME/CFS completely devastates one’s life. Patients suffer from a host of symptoms that are chronic, incapacitating, and often last a lifetime. Most patients never regain their pre-disease level of health or functioning, and at least one-quarter of those afflicted have been home- or bed-bound at some point as a result of their illness. The long-term prognosis is uncertain. Compromised immune systems can lead to premature death from heart failure, cancer, and infections. No cure exists.

Powerful stuff!
They're going to officially kick off their severe ME/CFS project soon.
I feel like these guys are going to do things.
They are getting the pieces together.


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I intend to donate this month to the OMF in honor of Whitney Dafoe. I remember him from Phoenix Rising and am distressed to find out how very ill he is now.

Last week someone posted on Facebook a youtube video of Janet Dafoe, Whitney's mother, speaking about him and the role of caregiver that she's taken on. It was an intelligent, moving presentation. I don't know the setting of her talk, but it seemed to be a fundraiser. I was going to post a link to the video in this forum, but when I tried to access it this morning, it was labelled "private".

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