NAD+ intravenous therapy

Discussion in 'Treatment' started by Nicole H Martin, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Nicole H Martin

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    Has anyone had experience with or have an opinion on NAD+ intravenous therapy for chronic fatigue?
    I’ve done all the detox protocols, diet, stem cells, Lyme-N, etc etc etc

    Thank you
    Nicole Martin
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  2. Remy

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    Welcome to the forums!

    This will be a most unsatisfying answer, because I don't remember the details anymore, but I looked into this a couple of years ago and ultimately decided that it was too expensive and of not enough proven benefit to our population.

    I am pretty willing to be on the cutting edge of treatments, but I just couldn't justify this one at this time. Besides, the treatment itself sounds pretty gnarly (

    Let us know if you try though!
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  3. Not dead yet!

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    I came to very much the same conclusion Remy did. Just fyi, you can buy an oral version of that, it might help you to know if it has benefit before you pay out a lot for an IV.

    I decided for now to focus on the MTHFR pathway, and bought specific B vitamins like methyl forms of many B vitamins and NAC. I have great trouble with biotin, so I have to spend a long time building up that dose, but in a few months I should know if it helped or not.

    So far these things have helped me:

    Myer's cocktail IV with the proper amount of Vitamin C (10k mg) -- in the US I have to take the carbonates by mouth, they don't permit it by IV, so I take it as baking soda and water before the IV

    weight lifting

    ketogenic diet, but at the moment I'm not doing that

    gluten free diet -- to the Celiac standard, nothing less than the full overhaul of my kitchen and totally staying away from restaurants, huge undertaking but since I can hardly leave the house anyway, the restaurant thing is really only giving up take-out.

    Organic diet -- it didn't seem to be making a diff, until I had a meal with a lot of not-organic things. I didn't fully believe in the glyphosate theory until that day. I believe now.

    So far, I haven't been able to verify that all fake sugars are bad for me. Probably aspartame is bad, it's too risky, I avoid it. But I seem ok with reducing sugar by using a bit of saccharin and only a small amount of sugar. Giving it up and returning to it later didn't have any effect. Stevia isn't the right flavor for me.

    But sugar is a bad thing for me, it leads to "craving sugar" then "craving salt" cycles that are destructive.

    I'm heading out to an accupuncturist asap, she does chinese herbs too, so I'm looking forward to that. I've had a custom herbal made for me by an accupuncturist before and that helped.