chronic fatigue

  1. B

    Chronic fatigue and nickel allergy

    I have been looking at a ton of research connecting nickel allergy to a variety of health issues and happened to find this 2001 Swedish article, describing a connection between nickel allergy and chronic fatigue in women...
  2. LA2SD

    Anyone w/an Invisible Disease please read? Concerns re: our community

    Hello new fatigued friends, I suppose we can make this my introduction. :) I have unfortunately stayed away from the ME/CFS community for awhile, not totally, intentionally trying to, but there are reasons I've been away, but I should not have to. And now that I've joined Health Rising...
  3. O

    Successful Immune Treatments (thats right plural!) for fatigue/malaise

    The super awesome Not Dead Yet! made a post mentioning interferon, an immune treatment, not long after I found a study where a chronic case of persistent EBV was treated with it. And there was ANOTHER study done with a similar cytokine based treatment...
  4. N

    NAD+ intravenous therapy

    Has anyone had experience with or have an opinion on NAD+ intravenous therapy for chronic fatigue? I’ve done all the detox protocols, diet, stem cells, Lyme-N, etc etc etc Thank you Nicole Martin
  5. Chfrazzle

    Stanford Chronic Fatigue Clinic. Has anyone gone?

    I am strongly considering making an appointment for my young adult daughter with the Chronic Fatigue Clinic at Stanford. I am not expecting anything miraculous but hoping they might stumble across something not picked up on before, as in another health issue that might be adding to her symptoms...

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