Neurologic Relief Centers Technique - Anyone have experience with it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brian Szarek, May 1, 2015.

  1. Brian Szarek

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    Hi everyone - new to the forums, glad to be here (although not glad to have this disease). lol.

    Anyway, I started going to a new chiropractor who apparently is certified in this "NRC" technique. I've been through a couple of sessions, and it's fine, and obviously too early to tell if it's doing anything. However, yesterday I dug around a bit more on the web and found out that the creator of this technique was accused by the California Board of Chiropractors for " incompetence, gross negligence, and unprofessional conduct, based on his management of seven patients." In this case, apparently he had people getting adjusted multiple times per day for months at a time costing people a ton of money. I will not be going more than 3x per week simply from a cost perspective. Has anyone had any success with this technique?

    Also, he wants to put me on a host of supplements, such as "pathogen purge/GI wellness" and GCEL, eNRG, MoRS, VISTA1, VISTA2, ROX, and EPIC (from Standard Process brands). Has anyone taken any of these, and what are your thoughts on efficacy before i go dropping a ton of cash on stuff that won't work.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Cort

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    Hi Brian. I had never heard of NRC before. I looked it up.

    I think it could be promising for some people. From Chiari malformation to other issues cervical problems definitely play a role in some patients. I imagine it's not a huge group but I don't know. The head and the neck are major centers of pain in FM and ME/CFS. I know I have some issues there - I did some neck stretching several years ago that resulted in a major symptom flare - all from moving my neck about. It was bizarre.

    I look forward to hearing how it works for you.

    Some of those chiropracters really wrack up the money. That guy may be morally bankrupt with regards to money but it doesn't mean the technique doesn't work.

    Is it much different, though, from normal chiropractic adjustment?
  3. S.A.

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    Hey guys, I was searching for info on meningeal decompression and came across this old thread.

    Brian, did you continue with the treatment and, if so, how effective was it? What are your thoughts?

    Does anyone else out there have experience with this? I like the idea behind the technique, but also have concerns about its cost-benefit, i.e., whether it's worth the price or a load of poppycock.