New Age Fluff or Real Treatment? Fibromyalgia Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Study Opens Eyes

Discussion in 'Relieving Pain' started by Cort, Jun 25, 2015.


If someone gave you $10,000 to be used for treatment purposes would you use it on HBOT?

  1. Definitely yes

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  2. There's a good chance I would

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  3. Possibly

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  1. Flora

    Flora Member

    A lot more than I do! Hehe.
    Consistency and Cumulative. If you discontinue then, like Dr Pridgen's antiviral protocol, you would probably roll back to square one- at least that is what I have read of others' experiences online. So on some level the O2 is a natural antiviral. Improvement would be 'faster' at 5-6 times a week at 1 hour per day than 4x weekly. So based on my improving initially it just made better sense to invest in an HBOT Chamber.

    My Pod is in my non-AC/Heated sunroom. I make excuses (extreme temps for my poor bod.) I'm in the process of moving & the POD will reside inside w/AC/Heat. My HBOT bud says the temp in the chamber will rise 15°. In the summertime that is what blue freezer blocks are for. Sorry, Too Much Information. I take my phone & tablet in, Netflix, hulu, etc. Perhaps a small musical instrument. With the white noise created by the concentrator and condenser it's like a small practice room. I have a Respiro unit chamber. A bit snug but kinder to my budget than the standard/ next size up.
  2. MsJustice

    MsJustice New Member

    Are you more likely to feel the benefit if you have low blood pressure? I feel better in high pressure atmospheric conditions-no improvement on muscle symptoms or post-exertion though, but I'm guessing that there would be no longterm benefits of going in a pressurised chamber.
  3. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    This is from a Facebook post:

  4. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Hey Flora - good luck with it (and the move) please tell us how it goes and do check out the last post I posted....It took her 30 times to get a results and boy did she get one when she got one.
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  5. Merida

    Merida Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all for this great discussion, and special thanks to Cort - as always !! I have not tried hyperbaric but sure thinking about it.

    This reminded me of an incident about 6 years ago. Went to Vegas with my husband for a conference, and stayed at Circus Circus. Was expecting worse symptoms, etc etc. - heat, smoke, noise, OMG.

    However, I woke up at 7:00 am feeling rested and great - the whole trip. What? Talked with friends who said that some casinos add oxygen to climate control system. Others said - no, casinos are not allowed to add oxygen.
    However, my husband ( 2-3 years later) actually met an owner of the company who made and installed the equipment to enhance oxygen in casino atmospheres. Not all casinos do this.

    So, CFS folks - make Vegas ( Circus Circus ? others ?) a vacation destination. Who knew ??!
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  6. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Ha! Who knew indeed?

    They want them bright-eyed and ready to go...Interesting.....
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  7. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Is there anything being said about mold?

    It feels like that's a treatment that would do a lot for people with mold toxicity.
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  8. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Agreed. I don't know why it wouldn't help with mold if it helps with other stuff.
  9. Patty May

    Patty May Member

    I really don't have the funds to try this, but the more it's studied - the more it works for people - the insurance companies may be willing to cover it. It worked with massage and Chiropractic care, it will work with this too. Sign me up for the trials.
  10. Kiwi Jack

    Kiwi Jack Member

    I wonder the benefit of just breathing straight O2. It would obviously produce less concentration than hyperbaric, but much more than straight air. Has anyone had experience with this? How much for how long? I also wonder the benefits of hooking it up to a cpap machine and breathe it all night.
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  11. fdotx

    fdotx Well-Known Member

    Interesting thought Kiwi Jack - my brother used O2 for his cluster headaches and it helped with those. I just went from living at 6400 feet to sea level for a week and was hoping I'd feel better during that time but it didn't work.
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  12. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Any news one this, anyone trying?

    My insurance doesn't cover it for Fibromyalgia (obviously) but I went to a clinic and they offered me a very good price for a 10 days trial to se if I get any better, if I do, I would go on, if not then I would stop.

    I'm seriously thinking about doing it, just wanted some opinions from people who had it.
  13. tara

    tara Member

    @Cort how do you view this against Cheneys theories re oxygen toxicity? And his belief that we cannot absorb the oxygen and it leads to cellular damage?

    I've been having hyperbaric light sessions.Lower pressure than HBOT. But my brain always feels clear afterward and less pain in legs also. About 1 per week for about 6 sessions. Cost is only $40 per session for hyperbaric lite. But limited studies on its effectiveness compared with HBOT. However helped people with cerebral palsy and other Neuro conditions.

    A patient seeing Cheney highly recommends against them. But I have researched oxygen toxicity (I'm no chemist) but understand the Boehr effect. And I don't suffer any of the symptoms of oxygen toxicity. Your thoughts? Anyone else?
  14. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Just my 2 cents. I thnk Cheney is nuts hehe...
    He's totally alone on his theories and isn't very well seen by his patients.

    I'm taking HBOT. I've had 13 sessions (with one week off after the first ten cause I caught a cold) and so for I didn't notice any improvement but that was expected... I'm going to try, 30-40, if nothing changes I'll stop it. I'm paying a lot of money for them.
    The only plan I can figure is to buy a chamber (it's around 5 thousand dollars as far as I know) if it turns out to be a treatment that works out.
  15. tara

    tara Member

    Thanks Folk.
    Ive read a lot about Cheney's theories but they dont make sense to me. Also when you charge people $800 per hour and they need to see uyou for 8 hour consultation and you change your mind about your theories every couple of years???
    Apparently he used to treat people with oxygen a couple of years ago. Now has completely reversed this.

    The articles I read on oxygen toxicity suggest very severe symptoms, lack of consciousness, dizziness and other severe symptoms. None of this happens to me when in oxygen chamber. IN fact the reverse. I feel very clear headed and lungs feel good not as constricted and nose feels less snotty.
  16. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Just an update. I'm still doing HBOT. I had 30 something sessions.
    I'm starting to see huge benefits in my pain and perhaps fatigue. I'm now going out (like at parties, standing for long periods of time and/or walking) without taking tramadol. My lower back still hurts, but a lot less, and my legs can endure it much better.

    That being said I was still skeptical (is it placebo, is it really from the HBOT? etc)
    But then...
    I missed almost a whole week cause I caught a cold and my pain started to increase again. So I did just the friday session (the last of the week) and it got a lot better in the same day. Next week I'll be going everyday and I'll keep you guys updated.
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  17. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member


    It would be nice to get to a point where it lasts...where you somehow turn a corner and you're good....Myhill says she just has to get patients to a certain point and then their progress takes over.

    Good luck!
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  18. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Like the body heal on it's own then?

    Wow that would be amazing
  19. voner

    voner Active Member


    Please keep us updated with your progress.
  20. Learner

    Learner Active Member

    I have done 20 90 minute sessions (4x a week) and it has made a profound difference in brain fog, fatigue, and ability to function.

    I'm using a 1.3 atm home HBOT. I had some initial discomfort in my sinuses and ears and swollen glands, but that seemed to be a Herxheimer reaction. Something's been living in my frontal sinuses for years, and I have active c. pneumoniae, m. pneumoniae, HHV6, and CMV chronic infections.

    Prior to starting HBOT, I'd done NT Factor lipid replenishment, rampicin/azithromycin, biofilm busters, and IV and oral nutrients and artesunate. But it wasnt until I had done a week of HBOT that my brain fog and fatigue started to improve.

    I'm so thankful for the opportunity, it's accelerated my recovery...studies be damned. It's not a placebo effect
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