New Age Fluff or Real Treatment? Fibromyalgia Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Study Opens Eyes

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If someone gave you $10,000 to be used for treatment purposes would you use it on HBOT?

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  2. There's a good chance I would

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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Just a quick mention: Both HBOT and DMSO are purported to increase circulation and reduce inflammation--along with providing many other benefits. I would guess these two therapies would work well together.

    @Learner, @Folk, thanks for your updates on your HBOT experiences. I'm currently looking at seeing a local DC who practices what he calls "Chiropractic Neurology", and incorporates HBOT therapy into his practice. He calls his clinic:

    Neuro Clinic

    When I called him this past year, the office told me they've gotten Medicare to cover most of their HBOT therapy. So it might be worth it for anybody on Medicare to look into a HBOT practitioner who has figured out a way to have it covered by insurance.
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  2. Andrew Kinsella

    Andrew Kinsella New Member

    In terms of myofascial pain- a close friend has fibromyalgia, and had had major issues with neck pain especially. Lots of manual therapy- then did 10 sessions in a 1.3atm setup, with about 3 sessions of osteopathic treatment/massage. The result has held for about a year now with only 2 single review sessions. The cost of the sessions was $37.50 AUS.
    As a result I've just started it for a chronic myofascial pain syndrome I have had worsening for nearly 20 years- involving right neck and back, with multiple tender trigger points that resisted all the more conservative manual therapy treatments. It was also producing unpleasant autonomic effects- such as right sided facial sweating and palpitations.
    Now the effect on the muscle pain was observable even in the chamber on the first session as individual tight muscles started releasing one by one. ( I am a health professional myself and have plenty of training in anatomy).
    After 2 sessions my flexibility is much better and I am bending to tie my shoe laces without trouble.
    I expect that the 10 session (3 sessions/week for 3 weeks) will have a very significant effect as I work to correct my posture at the same time.

    Clearly I can't comment about issues like brain fog.
    I am appalled at the lack of studies online- but then there's nothing here that can be patented by a pharmaceutical company.
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  3. Learner

    Learner Active Member

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  4. My daughter, has had ME/CFS for 20 years with varriations from bedbound for months to well functioning. About 5 yearsa ago she believed that she contracted Lymes at a family event in Upsate New York. Her doctor (outside the US) found one published study which showed that Lymes could be stopped with HBOT treatment within one month or so of infection as the bugs replicate and spread on roughly a monthly sycle.
    She had sessions of HOBT twice a day for two weeks but also IV Vit C later on the same day to deal with the oxidative stress. She cleared the Lymes infection and it greatly improved her long standing ME/CFS symptoms.

    Her ME/CFS had been trigered earlier by Epstien-Barr at 20 years of age with a possible brain injury earlier in her childhood.
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  5. She hasn't felt the need to use HBOT since those sessions 5 years ago, and if she gets pain she is able to deal with it using regular paracetemol. The HBOT wasn't perhaps the only thing making a difference to her long term symtoms but it certainly helped.
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  6. Homina

    Homina Member

    I would like to try it daily for a month
    I can rent one but the cost is pretty high for just an experiment
    Does anyone want to split the cost of a rental maybe four ways?
    I am in the San Francisco Bay Area
  7. Homina

    Homina Member

    Hello All
    Exiting news
    I found an affordable HBOT company in Albany California Bay Area
    They are significantly cheaper than the other places I've called
    They are called Holistic Hyperbarics
    They use soft shelled chambers
    Talk to Alex
    If you use them please mention my name Steve from Health Rising this gives me free sessions
    I am not invested in the company in any way just wanted to pass along this information for people that want to try but can't afford it
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