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What a tour-de-force. The PACE controversy is complex and has many layers but Jennie Spotila lays out where we are with it in easy to understand fashion in her latest blog. One of her absolute best..

From the blog

I asked Dr. Tuller where he thinks the PACE controversy is headed. He said, “I have to believe that the scientific community will gradually demand that it get retracted or the pressure to release the data will be so overwhelming that QMUL will finally decide that its institutional interests diverge from those of the authors. Perhaps the tribunal will make a strong argument in favor of data release–or perhaps the opposite. I don’t know.”

Dr. Racaniello was not as optimistic. He said, “I think they are going to ignore, obfuscate, and give their usual responses until we are all dead. I don’t have hope that the PACE authors, or Lancet, will respond in any meaningful way until there is more of an outcry.”

What can we do? Dr. Racaniello said, “Share David Tuller’s articles on what is wrong with the study. If these are too complex, use his bullet point summaries. The patient community has been active but we need more scientists and physicians to weigh in on the problem.”
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