Pain vs. Malaise: What's the Difference, Neurologically?

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    I've been thinking a lot about the difference between pain and malaise. I just had sinus surgery on 9/26/18, and I was looking at a 1-10 pain scale to get a feel for how bad my pain was before taking a Lortab. Honestly, pain is usually in the 4-5 range (which isn't that bad) when I feel the need for medication, but pain just doesn't take in the whole scope of unpleasantness that is relieved by the drug.

    Does anyone here have a good idea about the neurological processes involved in malaise, and how they compare with the neurology of pain? Seems like the "pain scale" would be more useful if it took in pain, malaise, and any sort of unpleasant or uncomfortable physical sensations.

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