1. P

    Interview with Professor Jo Nijs

    Jo Nijs is a Professor of Physiotherapy at the Vrije University of Brussels, Belgum and a manual therapist at the University Hospital Brussels. He is holder of the Chair, ‘Exercise Immunology and Chronic Fatigue in Health and Disease’ at the Vrije University of Brussels created by the research...
  2. ponypanic

    Low back pain

    Hi My story 3 months ago I was working full time, attending hot yoga and spinning once a week and generally active and motivated .. Then I developed a Temperature and felt unwell, I thought urine infection and passed blood, doctors thought renal colic and sent me to a&e , once there they thought...
  3. P

    Ubiome Explorer +, Parasite Infections and CFS

    I was diagnosed with CFS/ME at Stanford's CFS Clinic in 2015. I helped fund Dr Naviaux's Metabolomics Study, was a CFS participant and it confirmed I was in the CFS/ME group based on my metabolomics profile. I have struggled with CFS and a wide range of ever worsening symptoms for more than 15...
  4. Kathy Bungard

    Severe Leg Pain? This May be Why

    In the past year of my 38 years with FM/ME/CFS I have had increasingly frequent and increasingly severe pain that grows worse when I'm sleeping and wakes me up in what I'd call 'savage' pain during the night. Being used to living with an illness - or constellation of illnesses - that constantly...
  5. TJ_Fitz

    Pain vs. Malaise: What's the Difference, Neurologically?

    I've been thinking a lot about the difference between pain and malaise. I just had sinus surgery on 9/26/18, and I was looking at a 1-10 pain scale to get a feel for how bad my pain was before taking a Lortab. Honestly, pain is usually in the 4-5 range (which isn't that bad) when I feel the need...
  6. Cort

    Paying For Alternative Treatments for Pain: A How To Guide

    Let's face it - the treatments insurance covers for chronic pain aren't exactly the cat's meow. For sure, they can be very helpful but many people eventually seek out alternative medicine treatments which tend to be expensive and not covered by insurance. Bankrate is basically a financial...
  7. C

    Searching for a Doctor

    Hello, I've been diagnosed by several doctors as having fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain syndrome. Unfortunately, none of these doctors will treat me, they have bounced me around from neurologists, internal medicine, rheumatologists and pain medicine specialists. Either...
  8. U

    3rd Q&A Session with Younger Lab on Sept. 2, 2 pm CDT

    On September 2 at 2 pm CDT, the UAB Younger Lab (Neuroinflammation Pain and Fatigue lab) will host the 3rd live Q&A Session on YouTube. The topic this time will be about the research at the lab, both present and future. Some questions that will be answered: What research are you doing now? What...

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