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I've been diagnosed by several doctors as having fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain syndrome. Unfortunately, none of these doctors will treat me, they have bounced me around from neurologists, internal medicine, rheumatologists and pain medicine specialists. Either the doctor says they don't treat this disease or they try a prescription and when that doesn't work they send me to another doctor.

I am hoping that someone on this forum can recommend their doctor, it doesn't matter the location as long as it is in the US.



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I think Dr. Klimas has a very well rounded practice. Plus she's a practicing clinical immunologist - so she has special insights into that. Plus she's doing some great research and will be conducting clinical trials into ME/CFS. With her you get tied in in quite a few ways. She's at Nova Southeastern at Institute for Neuroimmune Studies in Ft Lauderdale Florida. Dr Vera and the other doctor working with her are reportedly very good as well.

  • Dr. Chia in Torrance California is an intriguing possibility as he seems to be searching out new possibilities. He developed Equilibriant which has helped some people.
  • Dr Pocinki in Maryland I think has gotten some great reviews. He's very big on the autonomic nervous system. If that's an issue for you he would be an excellent choice - if you can get in.
  • Dr. Bateman in Salt Lake City is an excellent diagnostician, is tied in to the research and is very smart. I think she may be more conservative in her treatments than some.
  • Dr. Pridgen in Tuscaloosa Alabama is a kind of wild card. He's been more involved with FM but has successfully treated both FM and ME/CFS with an antiviral protocol. I hope to give his protocol a shot at some point.
  • Dr. Kaufman in the SF Bay area came over from HIV; reportedly very smart and now working with Ron Davis at Stanford.
We have some good choices out there.

Also, check out some doctor databases here:


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Thank you Cort, this is very helpful. I've started calling the doctors that you have listed above. I've started researching the doctors above. Again, I truly appreciate this info. There's nothing worse than being ill with no treatment plan in sight.

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