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  1. C

    Searching for a doctor to treat FM/CFS

    Hi All, I am still searching for a doctor to treat me for FM/CFS. I've seen 17 doctors (internal medicine, neurologists, rheumatologist, pain management, rehabilitation medicine, all to no avail. I am yet again searching for another doctor. I wrote a similar thread like this back in January...
  2. C

    Searching for a Doctor

    Hello, I've been diagnosed by several doctors as having fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain syndrome. Unfortunately, none of these doctors will treat me, they have bounced me around from neurologists, internal medicine, rheumatologists and pain medicine specialists. Either...
  3. FrannyFran13

    Devo day yesterday, horrendous day today

    They ask you to fill a little booklet out to take with you to your 1st pain clinic appointment. So I get to my long awaited much needed appointment. Only for the doctor to ask you the same questions and write down the answers. She wasn't interested in their booklet I completed when I mentioned...
  4. L

    Fibro Fix - Does it work?

    A friend in the supplement industry forwarded this podcast to me: It's free, and it's an interview with Dr. Brady, creator of Fibro Fix. He claims great success curing people with fibromyalgia. Has anyone...
  5. Tina

    NORD National Organization for Rare Diseases

    Came across this site... The opening sentence: They also have some clinician links. One is link is "Physician Guides." There is no guide for ME/CFS. It says, I wonder who provides this information?

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