1. LA2SD

    Anyone w/an Invisible Disease please read? Concerns re: our community

    Hello new fatigued friends, I suppose we can make this my introduction. :) I have unfortunately stayed away from the ME/CFS community for awhile, not totally, intentionally trying to, but there are reasons I've been away, but I should not have to. And now that I've joined Health Rising...
  2. C

    Searching for a doctor to treat FM/CFS

    Hi All, I am still searching for a doctor to treat me for FM/CFS. I've seen 17 doctors (internal medicine, neurologists, rheumatologist, pain management, rehabilitation medicine, all to no avail. I am yet again searching for another doctor. I wrote a similar thread like this back in January...
  3. C

    Searching for a Doctor

    Hello, I've been diagnosed by several doctors as having fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain syndrome. Unfortunately, none of these doctors will treat me, they have bounced me around from neurologists, internal medicine, rheumatologists and pain medicine specialists. Either...
  4. C

    Salus Fatigue Foundation

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  5. FrannyFran13

    Devo day yesterday, horrendous day today

    They ask you to fill a little booklet out to take with you to your 1st pain clinic appointment. So I get to my long awaited much needed appointment. Only for the doctor to ask you the same questions and write down the answers. She wasn't interested in their booklet I completed when I mentioned...
  6. JennyJenny

    Local Doctor Gives Hope To Fibromyalgia Sufferers

    "An Evansville physician is going to the American Academy of Pain Management conference in San Antonio Wednesday, to present what could be a breakthrough finding. He suspects the chronic pain of diseases like fibromyalgia could be caused by a series of viruses." Local Doctor Gives Hope To...
  7. K

    Too many blood vessels in fibro patients

    has anyone validated the information on this site
  8. J William M Tweedie

    Research to be Monitored Closely

    Human Vaccines Project, VUMC and Illumina team up to decipher genetic underpinnings of immune system The Human Vaccines Project and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) today announced that they joined forces with Illumina, Inc., to decipher the human immunome, the genetic underpinnings...
  9. ShyestofFlies

    Walitt + Wolfe: fibromyalgia is overdiagnosed, psychosocial, pharmaceutical scam & quote Shorter

    Note: I copied this from C-C's list. The title is not a quote, but a summary of what I take away from the paper (bolding mine) --- Journal of Headache & Pain Management Fibromyalgia: A Short Commentary Frederick Wolfe and...
  10. Jill T

    West Vancouver, BC, Canada - Dr. Hyams Chronic Pain Clinic

    Dr IA Hyams Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Clinic Website: Facebook: Suite 1405 Bellevue Ave. West Vancouver, BC, Canada V7T 1C3 Telephone: (604) 281-2845 Facsimile: (604) 281-2849...
  11. Jill T

    Toronto Canada ME/CFS, FM and MCS Clinic

    Women's College Hospital - Environmental Health Clinic myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity 77 Grenville St. Main floor, Room 107 Toronto, ON...
  12. U

    3rd Q&A Session with Younger Lab on Sept. 2, 2 pm CDT

    On September 2 at 2 pm CDT, the UAB Younger Lab (Neuroinflammation Pain and Fatigue lab) will host the 3rd live Q&A Session on YouTube. The topic this time will be about the research at the lab, both present and future. Some questions that will be answered: What research are you doing now? What...
  13. P

    Liptan's Latest

    I just finished reading Ginevra Liptan's latest book, The Fibro Manual, and thought I'd offer a micro-review. (I won't go into detail about the contents, since you can "Look Inside" via the Amazon link above.) In short, I appreciated it a lot more than I thought I would. Since hardly...
  14. Victor Maalouf

    Cause & Cure

    I just finished a paper and a few video presentations on the "cause and cure" to the syndromes and symptoms labeled as CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, Gulf War Syndrome, and many cases of Autism Spectrum. I'm being purposefully brazen with the title. My work is based on 2 and a half years of...

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