Too many blood vessels in fibro patients

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    I have multiple hemangiomas - in liver and in vertebrae - T8 / T9. I understand that estrogen can influence the occurrence of hemangiomas.
    If many of us have these blood vessel anomalies, it could be an important clue to underlying hormonal/ metabolic issues.
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    I know it's been quite a while since your post, but I wanted to add this and hopefully get the info to Cort too. ( Device developed to treat microcirculation supposed to be on market next year. We'll see how this pans out. I would hope for a usable at home, but it'll most likely be treatment we have to pay for in clinics. Who knows if it will even be approved in the US or covered by insurance. Also there's a doc in Europe who has been doing hand surgery to supposedly treat/cure FMS for quite a while. Here's his website ( I don't know any more info regarding his practice. Otherwise I know some people who can afford it are going to Israel for hyperbaric treatment. It's given 3 times a week over 2 months. I'm not sure if it can be done without Drs orders here. Online info is sparse and seems to indicate people getting hyperbaric to treat sports injuries. I wonder if it'll be the next boutique fad treatment. (Like salt caves and O2O therapy) Well if it is, at least we'd have access and wouldn't have to wait years for research it a doctor to agree. Makes me wonder about the highly contoversial peroxide therapy. Anyway, FYI I just finished 5 months of antiviral/celebrex with no results. I tested high in titre for EBV. Have had severe FMS and exhaustion fir 18 years after exposed to my sister just after she had mono. Also had hepB vaccine for job as Home Health Dietician. Now nearly bedridden for last 8 years. But after 5 months antivirals and zero results, just read that the antivirals don't work for EBV because it doesn't use the enzyme that the drug interrupts during reproduction after it comes out of the BCells which is the only time a drug or the immune system can attack it. So I stopped the treatment. And besides each of the docs using antivirals believes a certain virus causes FMS. I believe FMS and ME/CFS and possibly MS are all breakdown of homeostasis caused by several viruses or other extreme stress in genetically susceptible people. My mother also has primary FMS and my great grandmother had Chrohns. Ok, sorry for the novel. Feel free to repost all or part on other threads if appropriate. Good luck. And God bless and have mercy on all of us.
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