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    I have slow-progression, mild => moderate CFS, 30+ years. I've had ups and downs, but never any real improvement.

    About 6 months ago I started PQQ (jarrow, 20mg/day), and moved from middle to low moderate. I added shilajit, which is supposed to be a potentiser and immune system support, and got another boost, to high mild. I decided I was well enough to start preparing my house for a spring sale.

    In October I asked Ken Lassesen at CFS Remission to analyze my most recent uBiome, and I changed my probiotic regimen. I have just sent uBiome another sample.

    A week ago I got serious about dealing with what looks like a confluence of GERD, a histamine issue, and food allergies/sensitivities. I am juicing greens, and (temporarily) limiting other foods to a few vegetables I know are safe, fresh meats, and rice. Mental function has improved.

    Within the mild part of the spectrum, I don't know how to categorize where I am. Mental symptoms are what keep me from working, socializing in crowds, etc. I could sit in a chair all day without problems. But I've just been through contract negotiations with a neighbor (no agents) for this house that got very twisted and intense and then fell apart, and it's been fine. I've paced myself, still spending a lot of time on the couch, but I did it. 2 years ago I could not have even started this process.

    I feel strong enough to take the chance to put this house on the market next month.
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    Wow. How about that. I'm going to get my Ubiome results put through Ken's test when they come. I'd never heard of PQQ (mitochondria) or shalijit
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    I take 20-23 mg shilajit daily. So far less that the 200mg mentioned in this study!