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Pulsed High-dose Vitamin D

Discussion in 'General' started by Cort, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    I talked with a German woman who is becoming a pediatrician.

    She said pulsed, very high dose - > 20,000 - 60,000 mgs of Vitamin day - every 3 or 4 days worked for her.

    That was really something. Has anyone tried that?

    I'm taking 4,000 mgs a day now.
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  2. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    I think a lot of mainstream doctors are now recommending high dose D...typically 50K IU/week. Dr Ty Vincent of LDI recommends 10K IU/day to his patients.

    I am on the fence about this treatment. I tend to agree with those who say we shouldn't take Vit D, that we should address the circumstances in our life that have allowed us to become light dysregulated and low in D in the first place.

    I also had Very Bad Luck taking 10K IU/day of Vit D. I developed insomnia that took many months to abate and still is not back to where it was pre-D.

    I actually think if people have luck with high doses of D it is because they are getting high levels of calcitriol out of conversion which affects calcium balance in the cells. I think it's correcting the high intracellular calcium that is responsible for the positive changes some see much more so than just increasing the number on a lab test next to Vit D.
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  3. Hope

    Hope Active Member

    I bought a vit D light and have been using it for about 6 weeks. My sleep is much better - deeper and I stay longer asleep. I've woken up in the morning at 6 am feeling good a few times too which hasn't happened in years. Such a lovely feeling...
  4. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    You bought the Sperti lamp? Do tell! I've been looking and looking at it...
  5. Hope

    Hope Active Member

    Yes, the sperti lamp. There are others, it's not the only one but that's the one I went with.

    Not sure how much UVA there is, but there's def enough UVB (the rays that get you producing Vit D) because my sleep has improved. That's the main reason I got it and it's working.

    The only down side I've had so far, is it says to use it 3x a week max due to the UVA radiation, but the days I don't use it, I don't sleep as well. So i"ve been using it every day. I figure I'll eventually get up to a high enough level of Vit D that I won't need to use it every day. They say vit D from rays stays in your body for a while (unlike supplemental vit D) but am still waiting for that.
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  6. ankaa

    ankaa Well-Known Member

    Remy - I've used Solgar's Calcium/Vitamin D combo w good luck.. in fact, I take it before bed and I feel like I sleep better. Some supplements really need to be taken in combo w something else for the synergistic effects, and I believe that Calcium/Vitamin D is in that category... the calcium makes it much more relaxing!
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  7. ankaa

    ankaa Well-Known Member

    how is it different from other light lamps? I have one that has blue light, and another one (somewhere) that has white light... I have a much older version of this one:
  8. Zapped

    Zapped Well-Known Member

    I'm not meaning to butt-in a conversation but this thread may shed some insights to concerns:
    "Autoimmune patients going into remission with Vit D protocol from brazilian Dr.."

    It references Dr C's protocols and his cautions. As I understand it, Calcium and dairy are 2 of the cautions due to the possible formation of kidney stones, etc. Of course, caveat emptor - he advises each individual's regimen is different.

    FWIW, I have been taking 100,000IU daily now for ~a month, along with the other
    supplements referenced. I seem to do better with it but I need a blood test to
    check kidneys and liver... . There's no way I can drink the 2.5 liters of water he
    recommends daily:&

    'Hope my 2 cents help. Otherwise, please excuse:)
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  9. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    It's different because the light spectrum produces Vit D. The other light source boxes don't.

    I'm actually even more anti-D supplements now than when I wrote this. Small amounts like 400 IU are probably about the max I'd take.
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  10. Hope

    Hope Active Member

    @ankaa it sounds like you have lights for winter depression. I think the difference is they don't have uvb or at least not enough to make vit d.
    @Empty could you say more about why you're against vit d supplementing?
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  11. Empty

    Empty Well-Known Member

    Do you mean remy? @Hope Because I have not said that on this thread anyway...

    I am going to cover vit d on "that other thread" of mine :)
  12. Hope

    Hope Active Member

    Yes! Meant @Remy
  13. Empty

    Empty Well-Known Member

  14. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    I have been trying to follow along with Dr Jack Kruse (although he makes it difficult!) but from what I have read, I have to agree with him that supplementing Vit D is a Very Bad Idea.

    In a nutshell, humans were not meant to get Vit D orally, we are meant to get it through our skin. It doesn't work the same to take it orally.

    Simply, it seems like Vit D is how we absorb the energy from the sun. This energy is crucial for driving our circadian rhythms and our biology in totality.

    When we take Vit D orally, it seems like we short circuit this system entirely...we get the increase on our lab reports but the oral Vit D lacks the photons of the sun's energy. It's knocking but no one is actually there. It looks like Vit D, fits some of the receptors, but has little to none of the actual power of real sun driven Vit D.

    And when we supplement, we stop ourselves from getting the real thing too because we break our negative feedback mechanism. Then we have the knock on effects to other vits...mainly A and K2 and calcium becomes dysregulated too.

    It's just like empty calories...yes, those Doritos are technically "food" but they don't contain the power of real food like kale or good farm raised grass fed beef.

    We have low D because we are disconnected from the light of the sun and spend too much time looking at artificial suns like our LED light bulbs, TVs, computers, tablets, phones, etc. Our bodies literally have no idea what time it is anymore and they do NOT like it. It's adding insult to injury to our chronically ill population that is then exacerbated when doctors start piling on the oral D supplements.

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  15. Hope

    Hope Active Member

    Thanks @Remy. I read his stuff a year or two ago and that's why I started ocean swimming and cold baths. He's into cold therapy as well as sun.

    I've cut back to using the sperti lamp 3x a week as my sleep is ok now on days I don't use it. So I think my levels have balanced, or the D is staying in my body longer. I sometimes forget the cofactors needed though - vit K, calcium, magnesium, boron. I try to have a bit of liver on hand for the vit K to go with the vit D lamp.
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  16. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    I want a Sperti lamp too!

    I wish I could get into a cold bath. I'm so cold averse but I know it is healthful!
  17. Lissa

    Lissa Well-Known Member

    Wow -- I think I read (in the text box here) that BLOATING was associated with taking supplemental D3 and eating Paleo. WOW. Could THAT be what is going on here? Been taking 5000/day for a few years now. Inexplicable bloating for a looooooong time.

    Just recently I switched formulas and am doing a D3/A/K mix with only 2000 of D3. I will now keep an eye on the gut symptoms with that in mind. If it were summer again, I'd drop it altogether and sit outside instead!

    Thanks for the informative post @Remy!
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  18. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    I read that with interest too because bloating is a huge problem for me...but I think mast cell stuff can also cause bloating. I haven't taken D3 in a while and I still look like I'm expecting, unfortunately.
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  19. Lissa

    Lissa Well-Known Member

    Yep - I can totally relate. Even with H1 & H2 blockers, Mast Cell stabilizers, and trying to eat low histamine, I am Bloaty McBloatBelly. It's a never ending battle --- Fun times!
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