Red Light Therapy for Pain and More

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I literally got my 250W NIR light bulb and ceramic lamp today. I tried it once. It seems to help. I used it on my lower back and on a scar. Strangely, I feel more mentally alert too. Used it for about 10 min. I can't really stand up longer than that.

The lamps don't have switches, so I used a switch I already had. Took me several hours to set up because I can only be active a few minutes at a time.

1. Unpack boxes.
2. Rest.
3. Find a place to hang the lamp.
4. Rest.
5. Find the switch, and decide how to plug all in.
6. Rest, read instructions.

etc.... etc...

I don't have any idea how long to use it so I'm using it 10 min at a time. I may redirect it to be closer to my hamstrings which ache all the time. Seems to have helped my back.

I didn't think NIR damaged your eyes, because if so, then you'd have blind lizards and chickens since that's one use for it. Anyone have accurate info on that? Seems like a CYA warning. Also dangerous if I"m standing up and can't see.

It cost about $60 to do it this way. No idea what an LED one costs but this works fine for me.

Not dead yet!

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Here are some other cheap options which I guess fall in the category of FIR heaters and are perfectly economical without the need for special "therapy" anything. Just point the heater at you while you read on the couch.

There's a lot of much ado about nothing out there with the outrageously expensive FIR home saunas and what supposedly makes them good for you. I think it's a lot of hype and the way they market them, they should have them tested like a medical device.

We're in a bind because if you just say to people, buy an IR heater and point it at yourself and you'll feel some pain ease away, then you're telling an "old wives tale" without scientific proof.

And if you sell someone a "therapy bulb" to help with arthritis in a special lamp, then you're basically selling a medical device. However, it's allowed because the person could just use a heating pad on their hands.

Both ways, no science has to be carried out. Certainly not the kind of science that needs approval from an Independent Review Board or FDA registration and approval.

So the only way to make people believe your product is good is by making it fancy and raising the price. The "official" sauna is supposed to be better. But when I ask "how is it better?" I don't get a real answer. I'm also very suspicious of documentation that tells you to use eye protection, and then fails to tell you how long to use the therapy device. It directs you to ask your "health practitioner." That sounds like nonsense since in the 1970s and 80s, every bathroom came equipped with an IR light in the ceiling and a timer switch so you could keep warm while toweling off.


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Do you have any experience in using red light lamp that can relieve heel pain? I have been using an infrared lamp for my foot but the pain have not completely gone. Any suggestions?
Can i use it on my foot?
Here is the specifications on the infrared lamp that i have been using. do you think i should get another a carbon fiber heat lamp which can have longer wavelength of 2000 nm? Becuase right now my setup is about 650 nm to 850 nm only and maybe it does not penetrate deep into my foot tissues??? thanks! Please reply on suggestions on your personal experience

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